Build career. Achieve success.

Konfinity is an AI platform which trains you to become an affluent software developer in just 6 months from the comfort of your own home. Konfinity trains you to get placed in a next-generation tech company without any upfront cost.

How it Works

A seamless platform connecting education and employment

Industrial Experience

Follow a simple and personalized project based learning path specially designed to cover coding and soft skills with instant, one-on-one help whenever you need it.


Curated by our expert team from IIT Delhi, our curriculum imparts hands-on, real-world experience taught by instructors from Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and more.

Learn today, pay later

No loans, no debt, and no up-front tuition. You'll pay a percentage of income after you're hired, but only if you're making at least INR 10 LPA.

 "Being a fashion model for the past few years I was completely oblivious of technology and how it is changing the global landscape, having no experience in programming, Konfinity’s workspace and the community played a crucial role in launching my tech career."

— Mugdha Agarwal, Full Stack Web Track

Leading your way to Success

The success of our students lies in the heart of our business model. Hence, we only get paid after you have secured your dream job. As a Konfinity student, you do not need to pay anything until you start earning INR 15 Lakhs or more. And if you don’t, it’s free for you.

Thousands of students have defined their career with Konfinity and landed their dream job.


Designed for work success

We design our curriculum with tech industry professionals so that you can learn the career oriented skills instead of memorizing syntax. Our curriculum focuses on real world projects and practical advices for job interviews. This helps you to graduate with an excellent profile and a professional network required to launch a successful career.

Explore a diverse range of technologies and projects available on our platform which makes learning hands on and interactive.

One on one mentorship

Our mentors are available to help you answer problematic questions and help to manage your curriculum according to your schedule and specific job goals. 1-on-1 mentorship is not only fast but also more effective way to learn, it also provides you a network of like-minded professionals and new work opportunities.

At Konfinity, we train today the leaders of tomorrow learn how we are revolutionizing in tech hiring landscape.

Revolutionising Education through Technology.

Our Hybrid learning platform leverages artificial intelligent and machine learning algorithms to track, measure and improve the progress of every student. Powered by our online community of thousands of alumni, Konfinity provides a nurturing ecosystem of learners and mentors well equipped to provide a perfect Launchpad for a high paying career.

Konfinity Tracks

Konfinity invests in you by training you for the careers of the future at no up-front cost.

Are you an international applicant?

Konfinity is currently available in India. If you are interested in being informed when Konfinity is available in your country, please fill out the form at the link below.