Top 10 Javascript Project Ideas

October 24,2020 - 5 min read
10 Javascript project ideas to build your portfolio

If you are in the business of building websites then you would have probably heard about Javascript as an all- round language. Be it front end or back end, Javascript is used as a prominent language of the web. If you want to start your journey as a web developer then Javascript is the language to learn!

Here we are assuming that you know that you have learnt the basic theory of Javascript. The next obvious step would be to learn the practical implementation of Javascript through writing codes, making programmes and eventually making projects. If you are in the advanced step of making a project, we have decided to help you. Here in our latest blog we talk about top 10 Javascript projects ideas that you should pick next!

The list we prepared is just a collection of some of the most popular projects ideas you can build with Javascript with the help of HTML and CSS. Feel free to add your imagination and creativity to make projects outside of this list. Also, these are just ideas and that means that you can add as many features as you want. Let’s begin with out list of Javascript project ideas.

  1. Online quiz

    Online quizzes are probably the most popular thing on the internet right now. A lot of websites are out there which have quizzes included in them. Be it personality check or brand awareness or simply for fun, online quizzes are an important part of the world wide Web. Hence, online quizzes make for a good Javascript project. If you curate an online quiz using Javascript, you would end up brushing some of the most basic but important Javascript skills. You could also include Artificial intelligence in your project to make it more insightful e.g. a personality test. Make sure you add relevant features like the submit button, various input boxes according to the nature of the expected answer. The structure and layout of the page using HTML and CSS should be well defined and attractive.

  2. JavaScript clock

    A lot of websites and web applications have automatic and self -updating clocks. It makes for an attractive user interface if it is used and placed correctly. A JavaScript clock is a good project to make as you would be revising some of the most basic as well as advanced concepts of JavaScript. In this project, the date object is used to retrieve the time which is basically the main component of this project. The Javascript clock can be curated easily and yet makes for a good JavaScript project for your resume. Make sure you add appropriate designing to the clock using HTML and CSS. This project can also be made as a stop watch with necessary modifications.

    A JavaScript clock can be made as a stand -alone project or you can embed it with an existing website or web applications, both the ways, it poses as a decent JavaScript project.

  3. JavaScript calculator

    A calculator is one of the most basic projects in any programming language. In JavaScript, you can make an advanced calculator very easily using some of the logics you have already learnt. A calculator must consist of basic mathematical operations and you can also add advanced operations like square root, log etc. While the basic functionalities can be added using JavaScript, the layout, design and structure should be made with the help of HTML and CSS. A JavaScript calculator is not a very advanced project idea but it surely gives a strong foundation and hence you can build advanced applications thereafter.

  4. To-Do List

    In the 21st century where everyone is multitasking, a to-do list has become an essential application in one's device. A to-do list basically consists of a list of tasks that you need to do complete by the end of the day, week, month or even a year. It has the functionality to add the tasks as well as remove them once they are completed. In JavaScript you can make a to do list very easily and it makes for a good JavaScript project idea. All the functionalities of the to-do list can be added with the help of JavaScript whereas the design and layout can be curated using HTML and CSS. A to-do list is a decent JavaScript project. If you do a good job with user interface of the to do list, your project might get acceptance from a larger audience across the globe.

  5. Photo gallery

    Everyone around is obsessed with photos! After clicking and editing come the important part where you see your photographs. Hence a photo gallery application is not only popular but also a very important part of a user's device. A photo gallery can be a good JavaScript project idea if you make it neatly and efficiently. In a photo gallery, you can add a timer which would be responsible for displaying a certain picture for a certain number of seconds. You can also take input from the user to determine the time the photograph should be visible. Apart from all the JavaScript functionalities. The user interface of the photo gallery should be well designed keeping the end user in mind. The layout and design that would be added using HTML and CSS should be simple yet effective.

  6. A management system

    A management system is one of the most common projects that are made using every programming language. However, the management system is popular for a reason! When you make a management system, you brush up almost every skill you have come across while learning the theory of that language. You can also build management systems in JavaScript. In a management project JavaScript is used to add functionalities like removing, adding a user, assigning an admin, setting up tasks etc. HTML and CSS on the other hand can be used to set the interface of the system. One can make library management, university management, payroll system and lot other options. A management system in JavaScript can be a very successful project if it made accurately and securely.

  7. Colorful Canvas

    This one is probably going to be the most interesting and fun project in your resume! Drawing tools can be easily built with the help of Javascript. The basic structure and styling of the elements would be made with HTML and CSS. The work of Javascript would be to bring these elements to life by making these elements interactive. In projects like these, you can be as creative as you want. You can make this project as colorful and imaginative as you want. You can make colorful swirling circles or definite geometric shapes. These colorful drawing tools make for good Javascript projects.

  8. Gaming in JavaScript

    Games are the most fun thing to make and use! JavaScript is the most popular language that is used for making games. There are various JavaScript functions, tools and features that can be used to build different types of games in JavaScript. The programmers apart from creating a logic behind the game, also have to add various functionalities like providing types of input boxes, generating a random number, setting maximum and minimum limits of the number of 'lives' etc. In building games, HTML and CSS are also important in order to generate an attractive user interface. Every game should be attractive yet possess an easy interface so that more and more users play the particular game. Some of the most popular games built with the help of JavaScript are Tic Tac Toe, hang man, guess the color etc.

  9. Palindrome Checker

    If you are not new to the world of programming, then chances are that you have already written a program to check the palindrome. For those unaware, a palindrome is a string or number that is the same backwards and forwards. Example, 121, ABA are palindromes. A palindrome checker in Javascript is a project which check whether the user input is a palindrome or not. The main objective of this would be to create a function which checks if the input string or a number is a palindrome or not. The layout and design of the project has to be built by HTML and CSS. A palindrome checker is a good Javascript project that you can start your career in Javascript.

  10. Nodejs Project

    The last one is actually a Nodejs project. Javascript can actually be used a back-end language apart from making applications and websites more interactive. There are many Nodejs projects that you can try and enhance your skills. For beginning with Nodejs, you can work with libraries that serves some purpose. For example, you can work with a Nodejs library that manipulates sheets in excel format or a graph visualization theory. If you have made enough projects with Javascript as a front-end language then Nodejs is right step to accelerate.

    With this we come to an end of our list of top 10 Javascript projects to enhance your skills. We hope you are inspired by some of them and are ready to plunge into the world of technology by working with Javascript.

    While these were some of the essential and popular Javascript projects but as mentioned earlier, if you have some more in mind, we would love to discuss them and build a community of enthusiastic and dedicated web developers.

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