10 LinkedIn Profile Tips for coders

November 17,2020 - 5 min read
10 LinkedIn profile tips for coders

LinkedIn is probably the most popular social network when it comes to augmenting your professional network. Students and job seekers are constantly looking for potential recruiters and employers are seeking the right employees. Professionals also pay special attention to their LinkedIn profile to adorn their skills and certifications in the most attractive way. However, when someone is not looking for a job, they fall in the trap of ignoring their LinkedIn profile.

A lot of times, beginners and young professionals and especially coders get confused while setting up their LinkedIn profile, they face difficulties in crafting a concise yet attractive summary, listing their accomplishments, projects and skills. In this blog, we give 10 LinkedIn profile tips for coders so that they start getting noticed by recruiters. We hope that these tips make your profile seriously shine and help you augment your social network. Let’s get stared with 10 LinkedIn profile tips for coders.

  1. Put in the Time to Make it Awesome

    The first step is to understand that your LinkedIn profile plays an important role in your career. If you take time out and complete your LinkedIn profile, there are better chances of recruiters finding you in the first place. A complete profile helps the recruiter to know more about your skills are and your work experience. The first thing to do is to not get lazy and fill out every single section of your profile as LinkedIn actually measures the “completeness” of your profile and offer automatic suggestions on how to make it stronger.

    The next thing to do to make your profile stand out is to get a custom URL for your LinkedIn profile. The reason is pretty simple! It is more professional to give your LinkedIn profile a clean and concise URL rather than the clunky combination of numbers. All you have to do is to go on the ‘Edit Profile’, there is a section which shows your basic information where you’ll see a ‘Public Profile URL’. “Edit” the URL according to your preferences, and click on ‘Set Custom URL’ when you’re finished.

  2. Choose a Professional Photograph

    Your photograph is the first thing that catches the attention of the recruiter and hence it is important to choose a clear and a professional image. If you are unsure and confused about which picture is professionally appropriate, you can always take some cue by looking at the pictures of other industry professionals. If you have a picture in which you are addressing a group of people or working on a project, it’s the best bet to put it on your LinkedIn profile. However, there is nothing to worry about, even if you don’t have something like that. You can always trust a good, clear photograph in a professional attire striking a simple pose. Make sure that the photograph is not very fancy or over the top because you have to keep everything professional.

  3. Curate an Effective and Efficient Summary

    Ideally, your summary should walk the reader through your work passions, key skills, unique qualifications, and your relevant work experience. You can highlight past results in your summary by including numbers and case studies and statistics that prove success. Numbers and a few key statistics never fail to impresses as they establish credibility in the reader’s mind.

    The next thing to keep in mind while writing a summary is to be warm and welcoming and use it as an opportunity to showcase the good stuff about you, with your target audience in mind. However, it’s important to not make your summary long, pompous or pretentious. Remember that you are a developer, and your true strength lies in your skills, strengths and certifications. It’s better to mention the wide range of skills you have, projects you have worked upon rather than make use of words like responsible, creative, effective, analytical, driven, and innovative etc as they are some of the most overused terms you would find on any LinkedIn profile and these words make your profile summary sound cliche. Examine the technologies you are comfortable with, jobs you are targeting and try to be more creative! The last thing is to add multimedia to your summary to showcasing your work. You can add photos, videos, and slideshow presentations of the technologies you use, the projects you have worked on, your workplace and your team members etc. LinkedIn allows you to add multimedia to your profile summary by clicking on ‘Edit profile,’ scrolling down to your summary and then click on the box symbol to ‘add file.’

  4. Your LinkedIn Profile is Your Resume

    Just like your resume, your LinkedIn profile isn’t just a list of job duties, rather it’s a place to highlight your best accomplishments. Make sure your experience section is properly defined using bullet points that describe what you did and proper description defining how well you did it. Also, make sure that you use the first person. Showing off your achievements because recruiters spend countless hours on LinkedIn in search of achievers. In this, it’s important to market yourself well as a high performer in your LinkedIn profile by using impactful action words, talking about accomplishments and mention times when you’ve been promoted or hand-picked for prominent projects. This can be one of the most concise yet important LinkedIn profile tips for coders and developers.

  5. Add Your Work Experience

    This is one of the most important section in your resume. You have to add your professional work experience in order to exhibit your work history. You can add your company websites, projects you’ve worked on or even articles you’ve drafted, or anything else that showcases your work history. The most important thing is to add projects, volunteer Experience. You can also add “additional” profile features which is listed on the left side of when you’re editing your profile. It is a great way to showcase your unique skills and experiences and stand out from the crowd.

  6. Recommendations

    Recommendations adorn your profile and make your candidature more credible in front of any employer. However, it is not very easy to collect recommendations for your LinkedIn profile. Here are a few tips to get strategic recommendations for your LinkedIn profile. First of all, when someone appreciates you for your work, ask them to take a snapshot of that success and write a recommendation on LinkedIn. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for a strategic recommendation and not a generic one. It is also important to make a strategic plan for your recommendations and approach different people who would highlight on particular skills or experiences. One feature of LinkedIn is that the platform now sends you recommendations before they go public so that you can to decide whether you have to add them to your profile or dismiss them. You can also manage recommendations by clicking the “Edit” icon on that section and you can also request revisions from the person who wrote it. Endorsements are a great way to show off your skills and the secret is to keeping your skills updated and make as many as professional connections as possible and ask them to endorse for your skills so that when recruiters land on your page, they’ll see the most relevant skills endorsed from professional people from the industry.

  7. Be Active

    Once you have curated your LinkedIn profile, it is important to be active too by update it professionally and strategically ideally once a week. By doing so, you keep your entire network updated which is important for your professional growth. One of the best ways to keep your LinkedIn profile updated is to become an author on LinkedIn so that you can write, publish and share your work on the platform. You can write about your perspective about what’s going on in your field, weigh in on a recent industry development and hence show off your skills as a writer and be active in your network.

  8. A Professional Network

    If you have 50 or less connections on LinkedIn, it shows that either you are a recluse who knows very few people or you don’t like connecting with others, or you are not technology and social media friendly. None of these are good. Hence, you should have at least 50-100 people with whom you’re connected on LinkedIn as a starting point. However, a large number of connections are not a badge of honour, but and hence it is not advisable to add people you don’t know. Also, remember if a large number of people are turning down your request, saying that they don’t know you, LinkedIn can shut your account.

  9. The Final Touch

    LinkedIn is a great way to show off your professional skills, experience and the yearn to make a difference through technology. Make sure your resume has all the relevant details, however make sure it doesn’t get too much. After you have implemented all LinkedIn profile tips, step back, take a look and see how your LinkedIn profile looks to an outside person. Give honest opinions to yourself and then edit accordingly and continue the loop until you are satisfied. One last thing is to make sure that people can contact you so don’t forget to add your email address or any other platform where you would like to be found to the ‘contact information’ section of your resume. You don’t want a recruiter to ends up searching other potential candidates just because he/she was unable to contact you.

  10. Be Enthusiastic

    Make sure your LinkedIn profile gives an enthusiastic vibe and it looks like a profile of someone who is eager to enter the professional world. You should regularly join and participate in groups related to your field of expertise in technology. If you are a coder or a developer, keep updating your network with news from the technological world. Also, keep yourself active on LinkedIn by sharing some tips and tricks for coders like you.

    In this blog, we discussed 10 LinkedIn profile tips for coders and we hope it helps you create an effective profile that helps you get your next dream job. If you feel, we have missed some LinkedIn profile tips, feel free to add some which you feel would help the technological community across the globe.

    However, in order to adorn your LinkedIn profile, you need a good set of skills, projects and practical as well as theoretical knowledge. It is important for coders and developers to undergo professional experience and work on some projects that inculcates the right amount of skills in them. If you don’t have impressive projects or in- demand skills in your bag, we advise you to rely on a professional course.

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