10 Essential Programmer Skills

November 23,2020 - 5 min read
10 essential programmer skills

Programmers are the backbone of the IT industry. From high- end projects to computing software, programmers play a crucial role in the world of computing. Hence, the job market for programmers is also thriving. Every IT organisation is looking for skilled programmers who are able to create efficient technological solutions.

In today’s day and age, technology is becoming the new superpower and hence the demand for developers, engineers and programmers is significantly increasing. However, as more and more people are looking for a career in technology, the competition has suddenly become fierce. An engineering degree is not enough to grab a job of your choice. A whole set of specialised skills is required to climb up the ladder.

In this blog, we discuss 10 essential programmer skills that are preferred and are most likely to help you become a successful program in your dream company. We hope you inculcate these 10 essential skills which might become the base of a successful career in programming for you. Let’s get started with 10 essential programmer skills.

  1. Ability to work in a team

    Team work is an important skill, but there is a reason we have listed this as the top programmer skill. It is essential for any working professional to inculcate the skill of a teamwork as all projects, tasks and work is assigned in teams. For programmers also teamwork is essential because even if you are the only developer in the company, you’ll work with an array of people like designers, clients, business owners, marketing, sales staff and others. A lot of you might have the stereotypical image of a programmer working alone in a dark room but we would like to burst the bubble for you. This is absolutely not true, rather team work is one of the most crucial programmer skills.

  2. Language

    A computing language is one of the most obvious programmer skills. In order to write code, a thorough knowledge of least one programming or scripting language is essential. For beginners, the biggest question is ‘Which is the best language for programming?’ If you researched well on the topic, you would know that there is no one answer to this question. If you are starting your journey in the world of programming, C/C++ or Java would seem to be the best options to go with. On the other hand, if you are looking for a specialised career, e.g. HTML, CSS or Javascript would be the most appropriate option to go with if you want to become a web developer. However, there are a plethora of other languages to learn, here is a list of top 10 programming languages of 2020.

  3. Logic

    Logic is the skeleton of programming and is one of the most important programmer skills. Logic is essential for a programmer because it helps the programmer to figure out the code and also figuring out the mistake or bug or bad line of code led to an issue in a project. Logic in programming is used to test variables against values, and order action based on the conditions are met. Logic in programming works like -

    if a condition evaluates to True then perform a certain set of action, else, if the condition is false, do the other set of things mentioned. These are called conditional statements in programming. It is important for a programmer to use conditional thinking or statements in the code. As said earlier, logic is the skeleton of programming and hence it is one of the top programmer skills.

  4. Data Structure and Algorithm

    Data Structure and Algorithms are like the tools of a programmer and hence it is an irreplaceable programming skill. If you want to become a programmer, there is no escape when it comes to learning data structure and algorithm. This skill also comes handy when you are appearing for programming job interview, and without you knowing basic data structures. Anyone who is aiming to become a programmer should put earnest efforts in learning the data structures and algorithm. This is a programming skill because data structures and algorithms help the programmer write an efficient code. Picking the right data structure makes memory management easier and algorithms define the basic structure of the code.

  5. Software Development Lifecycle Cycle

    Programmers are involved in making projects according to clients’ demand. However, before coding for a project, we define a step by step systematic process to develop a software. This process is called software development life cycle (SDLC). SDLC ensures quality and correctness of the end product. There are several steps involved in the entire life cycle of software development, the first few steps are requirement gathering and analysis, feasibility study and design. After these steps, programmers implement and Code and then test their code. The final steps of SDLC include deployment and maintenance. A programmer should be aware of each and every phase during the development of a software or an application so that he/she follows the proper flow to make a good product as the end result. The proper knowledge is one of the most pragmatic as well as essential programmer skills.

  6. Database

    Today, data is crucial to every technology and irreplaceable in every project you will work on as a programmer. Given the omnipresence of the data, the next important thing is database and hence it is expected from a programmer to be familiar with essential database and database concepts. A programmer should be well versed with topics like normalization and table design. If you wish to learn database, there are many options available out there like Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server etc. However, a thorough knowledge of only one of the databases would be enough. You should have the basic knowledge of how to insert, update or delete data and write basic and simple SQL queries to retrieve it.

  7. Networking

    As a programmer, if you are working on a project, chances are that it would not be standalone project rather a client-server model where the request goes to a server through the network and Clients would be able to access the application from anywhere in the world. From the WIFI you use in your homes to Local Area Network (LAN) used in school, college, and offices, Networking is an important component in today’s day and age. Most of the applications you will code as a programmer will utilize the concepts of networking and hence you must understand the basics of networking to understand, develop, and support your application.

  8. Attention to Detail

    Attention to detail is mandatory for a programmer in order to write accurate, robust and efficient code. The code you write should be able to pass all test cases without any errors in the output. In order to create correct code, the programmer has to pay attention to details and rectify errors as they arrive and scoop out flaws in the code if they have any. The programmer can inculcate the skill of paying attention to detail by maintaining a schedule and figure out the time when you are most on point. Another way to improve focus and inculcate the skill of paying attention to detail is practicing meditation and even exercise. If you are a programmer or thinking to become one, make sure you learn to pay attention to details as it is an important programmer skill.

  9. Abstract Thinking

    Abstract thinking is basically the foundation of coding. It refers to the thinking done without the object being physically present. Coding is writing a code on the basis of a problem statement, there is no other tangible thing or a defined concept you can follow in order to write a code. Hence, abstract thinking plays a huge role in programming. Abstract thinking can be improved through meaningful discussions, a willingness to learn and see things from various perspectives and to draw analytical conclusions. An abstract thinker can separate, create and visualize what a program knows, what it can know and how these factors interact are all essential to coding. Abstract thinking is an excellent programmer skill.

  10. Communication and Presentation Skills

    Programmers don’t work in isolation! We mentioned teamwork as the first and the most important programmer skill to inculcate. Programmers are required to work in a team and also explain their programmes to employers, clients, consumers and co-workers. Hence, apart from writing clean, effective code is great you should be able to explain and communicate your ideas to a range of different people in the organisation. Programmers with strong communication skills become the rising cream and easily get promoted and make their way up in the organisation. Programmers should be able to listen to feedback and make changes accordingly, they should patiently give and accept advice and direction as it will make your job far easier in the long run and give better results. Communication skills can be hard to inculcate for some people, but with proactive and consistent development, with the same level of focus and commitment you’d apply to learning a language, you can become an excellent communicator and a team worker. Communication is definitely something that comes in the top programmer skills.

    In this blog, we covered 10 essential programmer skills that might help you build a successful and a sustainable career in programming. In today’s age of competition, you can only survive if you have skills that sets you apart from the crowd. We tried to include the top skills that the industry demands, if you feel there are some more programmer skills that are worth mentioning, please feel free for a discussion. We love to hear from enthusiastic technocrats like you.

    Also, if you are discouraged by these 10 programmer skills and looking for a mentor or a guidance, we have something for you! In order to grab a job as a programmer in your dream company, you need to have the 10 essential programmer skills listed above, good projects and a solid professional training in your resume. We would like to tell you that we cover all these in our course. You might want to have a look.

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