10 Essential Skills Every Web Developer Should Have

December 5,2020 - 5 min read
10 essential skills every web developer should have

A web developer is one who is responsible for building a website. This responsibility consists of both the front and back end of the website. There are various kinds of web developer in any organisation. There are front end developers, back end developers and full- stack developers. Front end developer is responsible for building the user interface and a backend developer works on the server side of a website or a web application. A full stack developer is probably the most responsible person in the web development team as he administrates the work of a front- end and back end developer and even UX and UI designers. A web developer has to inculcate skills and gain knowledge of a variety of domains related to web development.

A web developer’s work isn’t just about spewing code, it’s about creating dynamic and attractive websites. In order to become a web developer, apart from theoretical knowledge, you need to have a strong set of skills. These web developer skills will make sure that you are a developer who thrives in whatever direction the world of web development goes in the future.

In this blog, we have curated a list of 10 essential skills every web developer should have. We hope this blog would help you make a nice for yourself as a web developer in the IT industry. Let’s get started!

  1. Staying Relevant

    It is often said that it is easy to reach the destination but difficult to sustain the position. Similarly, entering the world of technology is easy but keeping up with it is tough. As a web developer, you work with people working in a variety of different fields and hence you need to have an overview of the changing technological scenario. Technology is changing at such a quick pace and hence staying updated is probably very difficult for most of us. Nevertheless, we have some quick tips and tricks to keep you afloat.

    The first thing is to narrow your focus and become an expert in your recognised area of interest while targeting your strengths and maximizing on your abilities as a programmer. But, remember to be aware of what is going on in the industry by paying attention to what’s popular and understand the changing ecosystem of technology. As a web developer, make a habit of regularly reading the latest tech blogs. This habit will help you understand the upcoming shifts and trends in technology. It’s important for web developers to be able to adapt and build themselves according to industry demands.

  2. Testing

    Bugs are a reality of every development process, so if you are building something, be prepared to be good at debugging the code you write. To be good at testing, you need to learn to pay attention to little things and have the ability to look outside the code in order to solve the problem. Testing also includes the solving issues that deal with usability and user experience. It is also necessary to understand that testing is not only done at the end of development process but you’ll need to test your code for bugs along the way.

    There are a couple of testing methods that are used in the process of web development. One type of testing is Functional testing, it looks at a particular piece of functionality on your website or web application and test it to makes sure it does the intended task. Another kind of testing is unit testing. In this method, you one unit or group of code which is responsible for the execution of one thing on your website or web application.

  3. Building and Automation Tools

    You can code a website and make it work but if it performs poorly on the user’s end, it’s of no use. Web performance is the most important step in the process of developing a website.

    If you are on the journey of becoming a web developer, you would know that HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the three primary tools for building the front end of the website. Building and automation tools and web performance are an important web developer skill. If the performance of your website is poor, there are a few steps you can take to improve it, some of them can be scaling and compressing image, basically to optimise and minify code. It is a good practice to remove all unnecessary characters from your CSS or JavaScript code without changing its functionality.

    A good knowledge of building and automation tools is going to help web developers to succeed in their professional life. Make sure you have or inculcate this web developer skill in order to make attractive, dynamic and secure websites.

  4. Command Line

    The proliferation of Graphic User Interfaces (GUIs) in the world of computing. It has made working with technology a lot easier. It saves you from typing several lines of esoteric commands on a blank screen in order to make the machine work. GUI allows you to point and click on a lively and interactive menu.

    GUIs comes handy when it comes to web development and coding. However, a Graphic User Interfaces have its limitations also for some specific applications and in those times, you would need to open a terminal on your computer where you would have to enter typed commands. Graphical user interface is basically yielding what’s available on the surface and getting what you need by digging in with your bare hands. Hence, even if you know and prefer GUI for most of the work, a mastery of the command line would be much appreciated as it is one of the most coveted web developer skills.

  5. Front- End Skills

    We mentioned earlier that there are various kinds of web developer and one such web developer is a front- end developer. As a front- end web developer, you are responsible for a range of tasks in the process of web development. You work and coordinate with a number of developers and hence it is important that you understand each and every one’s work.

    A front- end developer basically works on the user interface of the website or the web application. They primarily work with HTML, CSS and Javascript but lately there have been an advent in new front- end frameworks, tool and technologies. We recommend all full- stack developers to try understand the recent trends in the world of front- end development and inculcate some of the skills. You can refer to this blog for front end developer skills.

  6. Back- End Skill

    The backend of the website holds the entire act together, it is responsible for every functioning of the website. It is important for web developers to understand this vital part of the web development process.

    The back end is complex but important but as a web developer, if you don’t understand what goes behind the scenes, you would probably not be able to deliver a successful product. You can refer to this blog for back end development skills.

  7. Never Settle!

    The only thing constant about technology is change and the same can be said for web development as well. If every day is an exaggeration, then probably every month, there are new releases with advanced versions, features and tools. If you are developing a website oblivious to these latest trends and technologies, it would be tough to stay on top of the game.

    As a leader or even a part of the team, a web developer should constantly learn new tips, tricks, trends and tools and update the team so that they make use of your knowledge in the products they make.

    Learning to learn is a vital web developer skill in a fast-paced environment like web development. As a web developer, you should teach teach yourself to learn and develop a passion for exploring new technologies.

  8. Time Management

    If you are a working professional, time management is skill you can’t afford to not have. As a web developer, you would always be bombarded with loads of tasks and in order to complete them efficiently in given time, it’s important to manage your time.

    If you use good time management methods, you would be able to deliver projects more consistently without compromising on the technology. Multi- tasking is another web developer skill which would help you to manage your time efficiently.

  9. Documentation

    Documentation is probably the most undermined web developer skill. We need to understand that producing a website or a web application is not a day’s task, it is a result of the work the web development team does each and every day for weeks and maybe months. Documentation helps developers to relate every task that a number of developers undertake and align their work to the team’s output.

    As a web developer, it should be your responsibility to document every minor detail and make sure other developers in the team are doing the same.

  10. Soft Skills

    A web developer is a part of a larger team and coordinates with all the developers, designers and engineers working on a project. Your main responsibility is to ensure that there is smooth transition between all the phases of the process of developing a website or web application.

    There is no other option than to learn to communicate and deal with people. Every day you would have to communicate your ideas and designs clearly and effectively and hence soft skills are an important web developer skill.

    With this we come to an end of this list of 10 Essential Skills Every Web Developer Should Have. We encourage you to inculcate, develop and proficient be as many skills as you can be in order to be a top- notch web developer. Also, we would love to hear from you in case you think there are some other skills that are vital for every web developer out there.

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