10 Great Reasons Why You Should Learn to Code

November 17,2020 - 3 min read
10 great reasons why you should learn to code

Languages are the most important tools of communication. The concept of language is as old as mankind. Be it signs or words, humans have communicating through language since forever. Now that we have entered the world of computers, there are new kind of languages, the computing languages. The advent of computing languages introduced a new skill called coding. Coding is basically art of communicating with computers with the help of various computing languages.

The evolution of the machine has been a game changer. From automating to mundane tasks to entertaining yourself to connecting with people across the globe, technology has helped us in several ways. Technology has also helped the world in being more productive and efficient and coding is trick behind the whole magic of technology.

Coding is one of the most in demand skills since more than a couple of decades. It is not only a practical skill necessary interact with the computer but coding also sharpens one's mind and helps you get better employment.

Jobs that require coding as a prerequisite or as a preferred skill has grown much faster than the average for all other occupations. If you are proficient with coding, you can discover a plethora of opportunities that offers a good pay. It is often said that it is the perfect time to be a coder. In this blog, we discern 10 great reasons why you should learn to code

  1. A Basic that Everyone Should Know!

    In today's day and age, everything has gone virtual and hence technology has become essential! Along with being the end users of technology, it is also important to be well aware of the product you are using. The world is surrounded by tech products and services and hence knowing how to code makes things easier even if you are not a programmer or a developer. For example, if you are an entrepreneur a WordPress site allows you to curate websites in HTML and CSS and Python scripts can be used to scrape a lot of data online to help with research that is customer oriented. Since, everything uses technology in some ways or the other, companies use a lot of technical jargon when talking about their products and services. Hence coding literacy comes to rescue even when explaining, understanding or discussing the products and services you use.

  2. You should learn because you can learn.

    Coding has a demeanour that suggests it is complex and difficult to learn but contrary to popular belief, coding is easy to learn. It is observed, studied and proved that people of all changes can learn to code. General language that humans use forms the bases of the grammar and syntax of computer languages and hence the learning curve of coding is not very steep. It is as cool, relaxing and easy as picking up a new skill or a hobby. It doesn't matter what your age is, how many years of experience you have, there's always a reason you should learn to code.

  3. Technology made it easier

    Earlier, learning a new skill meant joining a local institute and paying a heavy fee. That conventional method of learning was expensive in terms of both time and resource but thanks to the progression of technology, those days are far behind! There are a number of online courses available across the world wide Web for you to Learn and explore coding. These courses introduce you to a new skill at the comfort of your home and help you to learn at your own pace. These online platforms also reward you with recognised certifications which only adorn your resume. One can say that coding has made learning coding easier. The technological platforms have made learning so much easier that all you need is the will to grasp a new skill and nothing can stop you. The ease of learning is one of the biggest reasons you should learn coding.

  4. Exercise your Brain!

    Learning any language increases your concentration and the ability to adapt to new concepts and theories. If that language is a computing language, the benefits are more than doubled. Steve jobs, the creator of the iconic brand Apple, believes that learning to program a computer teaches you how to think. The algorithms that are useful while coding basically break a solution to the given problem into smaller and logical steps. Approaching a problem through a defined algorithm makes it easier and more efficient to solve a problem. Coding expands the thinking skills, enables you to look beyond the obvious solution and allows you to come up with ideas that are quick and efficient.

  5. A Large Community to Help

    Coding is a skill and which is practiced across the globe. Some also call it most spoken language in the entire world. Hence, the tech community is large, diverse and always ready to help. There are a number of tutorials, videos, documentations etc. that helps newbies thrive in the world of technology. Tech Communities constitute of members working in top companies who intend to help emerging developers get acquainted with the complex world of technology. Other than teaching you, these communities also helps in networking that helps you to get a better job. If you learn how to code, you don’t even need to be an engineer to grab a job as many companies including Google are hiring based on skills rather than degrees. All you require are some analytical and problem-solving skills along with coding and the job is yours. In today’s era where skills are valued more than degrees, it is the right time to pick new a skill. If the skill is coding which has a large community to help and promising career path, there is no reason you should not learn to code.

  6. Growing Number of Jobs

    The world has seen an unprecedented growth in the number of jobs that involves the use of technology at varying levels. There are a number of tech products and services and hence the demand for developers and computer science engineers has also increased. If you know how to code, chances are that there are a number of jobs opportunities for you.

    Every company relies on mobile or web solutions to make a name for themselves and hence it is important for them to hire coders. With the adoption of newer technology stacks, there is no doubt that programmers or coders or developers are the need of the hour.

    The average pay package per annum for an entry-level professional who is proficient in coding is 4.5 lakhs and continues to grow as the seniority level increases. A good and a secure job is a good incentive and a strong reason you should learn to code.

  7. Flexible Jobs

    The pandemic has initiated a major change in the technological workforce. It has made us realise that majority of workers can work from home. The use of cloud-based source control tools has enabled coders and developers work from home and not from a formal office. Coders can finish solving a problem and send the code to the team or the manager for a review or revision and hence almost all the work is done remotely. Work from home more than one benefits, it eliminates the need to travel and enables you to work with flexible timings. It is all the more crucial for young parents or elderly caregivers because they have other responsibilities also. One of the biggest reasons to lean to code is the number of flexible jobs it has to offer.

  8. Curate Projects!

    Technology has been instrumental in solving problems over the years, a technical mindset has the ability to find solutions to the biggest problems we face today. If you know coding, the sky is the limit! Find a person to work with, understand your problem and start a journey towards solving a problem through technological solutions. Coding gives you the freedom to design and develop these solutions on your own. You should learn to code as it allows you to pick up projects that interests you and create compelling creative solutions.

  9. A World of Wonder

    Internet of Things (IoT) is a branch of technology that interest everyone! IoT devices are basically embedded systems. In other words, physical hardware is embedded with sensors, software and other technologies with the aim of exchanging data with other devices over the world wide web. While one component of IoT is connecting the hardware devices, the other is programming. There are many hardware kits with instructions and even video tutorials available in the market, for you to make IoT projects and enter the world of wonder. However, without learning to code, programming can become complex and nearly impossible. Coding gives access to build new exciting things. IoT can be a major incentive for you to learn to code.

  10. We Want you to Learn!

    We have enumerated nine great reasons why you should learn to code. We hope that these reasons were enough for you to get inspired to take on a new skill like coding and excel in it. If you have some more reasons to inspire the readers, we would love to include them in our blog.

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