10 Work from Home Tips for Coders

November 12,2020 - 5 min read
10 work from home tips for coders

Just a few years ago, working from home might have sounded far-fetched but today the normal work location is virtual or ‘work from home’. The confluence of the unfortunate pandemic, varied technological options available and the growing demand for talented skill force has resulted in remote work being on rise.

Work from home along with a powerful computer and strong internet connection is the new but inevitable entrant in the skillset of all developers. While there are a lot of advantages and benefits, it is also observed that work from home isn't all sunshine and rainbows.

This pandemic has been uncertain for all of us! From masks to work from home, there have been many changes that we had to incorporate in order to deal with the virus! Technology also have changed considerably and as emerging technocrats, we shall stay abreast with all the latest developments. Here is a list of top 10 technological trends post COVID. If you want to make a mark, make sure you follow them!

Like most of the things, adjusting working from home, like every other thing, would take time. Here are ten work from home tips, while these are applicable on every professional, they are more customised towards coders. Let’s begin our journey of 10 work from home tips for coders.

  1. Office supplies at home

    Office supplies are boring and useless and never seem important until you really need them. Getting a few office supplies before starting working from home can end up saving you a lot of time. Paper, pens / pencils, a stapler, tape and even a printer are some of the things that you should consider before bringing office in your home. All this helps when you have to print and sign a last-minute document.

  2. Working on a desk

    Most of our offices our known by the desks we have. When office has come inside our homes, getting a desk won’t be a bad option either. Working from home gives you a lot more freedom to customise and decorate your desk and it’s important to be comfortable because you’re going to be at it for a very long time. A desk is not a compulsion but it’s better to have a dedicated workspace and also take some time out to clean it regularly and hence make a comfortable and a functional home workspace. Keeping a distinct separation between home and work space can ensure that you don’t get drawn into home activities during work.

  3. Good, Strong and Reliable Connection

    Internet is the most essential component of working from home. As a developer you would syncing code with a remote repository or join a team meeting, not being able to connect to the internet can be deterrent to your work performance. A fast and reliable internet connection can also avoid wastage of precious time. Be it mobile hotspot so you could also tether with your cell phone or a strong broadband connection, a good connection is a must.

  4. A Consistent Routine

    Working from home demands discipline. It is important to have a consistent routine in order to ensure office work is done in stipulated time. Remote work adds flexibility to your schedule, but if you sleep in for an extra hour or take a long lunch break, it can stress you which could reduce your productivity for the rest of the day. It is very effective if you follow a schedule that is very similar to what you would do if the work wasn’t remote. Also, the time for morning and evening commute can be spent on some extra flex time to run on the tread mill or even for a short afternoon nap.

  5. No House Chores When in Office!

    Working from home can temp you to take a few minutes here and there to get some house chores done. While two minutes of laundry or cleaning never hurts but the problem is that what starts as a one- or two-minute stop easily turns into 15 – 20 minutes or maybe worse. Necessary or unavoidable chores should be kept to either a 15-minute break period and not in the midst of office work. As a professional worker, you should avoid the temptation to do household work and just focus on office to improve productivity will be better and lower stress levels.

  6. Block the Distraction

    Another name for work form home is working with distractions. You don’t have a boss watching you or your colleagues working with you and hence no one’s going to be looking over your shoulder if you decide to deviate and take a break to check your social media or catch over a trending. One of the solutions is to use self-control apps. Self-control apps block other sites or limit access in some way. Discipline is very important while you are working from home and these self-control apps are a great way to start building a habit of self-discipline. These techniques can also boost your productivity.

  7. Microphones & Headphones

    Microphones are headphones are very important while working from home. Microphones enable you to have good conversations with your entire team over the internet, head phones on the other hand can be useful for phone calls, playing music, or even blocking out background noise. It doesn’t matter if you invest in a microphone or a headphone but make sure that they are reliable, robust and of excellent quality.

  8. A Camera

    When you’re working remotely, it becomes important to have face-to-face conversations. First, it’s essential to look at someone while having a conversation with a client, colleague or a boss because If you can’t see them, you may lose some context pertaining to the conversation. A camera enabled call will also prevent you from being tempted to check email, the stock market, or play Candy Crush in the midst of a conversation. The quality of your camera should also be top-notch enabled with a good internet connection to maintain normal conversation with your entire team.

  9. The Will Power

    The pandemic has certainly been unprecedented in our lifetimes. Apart from the financial health crisis, the pandemic has brought a lot of emotional and economical struggles also! The silver lining amidst the dark clouds is work from home. We do live in an age where technology has helped us folks to work remotely without difficulty. We might have to adjust a little but work from home is quite comfortable and here to stay.

  10. Embrace the Change!

    We all agree that working from home is a challenge! However, we would also agree that with the right preparation and tools, work from home can be a game changer. A lot of professionals and especially coders and developers have enjoyed working remotely and maybe that is why the trend is set to grow!

Whether the pandemic has made you into a full-time remote worker or you work from home occasionally, I hope that some of these suggestions has helped you and would boost your productivity and reduce stress while you are working from home. The 10 work from home tips might prove to be useful for both experienced professionals who work from home and also for those who may be newer to remote work. I hope the work from home tips for how to adjust to working from home successfully would help you in your professional journey. However, if you thought we missed some of the most crucial work from home tips, we would love to hear from you and create a community to help each other grow and succeed while working from home.

Working from home can be challenging if you are used to working with a group of friends and colleagues. You should make sure that while you are working remotely, you still have to be productive. If you follow these tips and some of your own customised work from home tips, you can actually get nearly one and half times more work done in the same amount of time. Working from home and outside an office environment can remove distractions that might otherwise deviate you from your normal work. If you follow the work from home tips, you might end up with a more efficient work schedule.

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