5 Top Highest Paid Programming Languages to Learn in 2020

November 27,2020 - 4 min read
5 Top highest paid programming languages to learn in 2020

The history of computing dates back to 1822 when Charles Babbage invented the difference engine. However, since then, this field of computing has undergone significant changes. It was in the 1950s when function programming languages were first invented and stirred a revolution which impacted every aspect of the society. They were essentially created to communicate instruction to the computer. While their primary work remains same, their applications have developed significantly over the years. Coding languages are the base of the modern technology, they constitute the machines, devices and software we use today. Technology has become an essential part of our daily lives. Every person irrespective of his field has experienced change and continue to do so because of the dynamic role of technology.

Machines are getting smarter day by day, while this means extra luxury and comfort for some of us, it means loss of employment for the rest. These technological advancements are creeping in our homes, offices, entertainment and so many other avenues. This increased presence of technology has inspired and influenced people to learn technology. A lot of students, beginners and professionals are turning to coding because it promises an amazing career ahead and also aids in sharpening one’s mind.

There is a plethora of options available to enter the world of technology, however, to learn to code is the easiest and the most efficient way. Learning a programming language would also get you a high paying job in the IT industry. There are a lot of options when it comes to learning a programming language, each one of them have their own pros and cons. Each programming language is used in different fields of technology and hence differs in scope and the number and quality of job opportunities. In this blog, we would list top 5 highest paid programming languages to learn in 2020. We hope it helps you come to a decision and start the journey of learning a programming language.

There are no definite top 5 Highest Paid Programming Languages to Learn in 2020, the list we have prepared is inspired by various professional technological websites and organizations and the latest industry trends. However, while choosing a programming language, keep in mind your area of interest or the domain in which you would like to specialize. We hope you make the most of this list of top 5 highest paid programming languages to learn in 2020. Let’s get started.

  1. C++

    Some of you might be surprised seeing C++ making in the list of highest paid programming languages. The fact is that no matter how ancient and basic this language is, it continues to remain much in demand in the industry. One of the benefits of learning C++ is creating a strong base that allows you to learn more advanced topics and more computing languages. If you have extensive knowledge on C++, it will allow you to learn many modern- day languages which find a spot in the highest paid programming languages.

    C++ is a powerful general-purpose programming language which can be used to develop simple programs, operating systems, browsers, games, and the like. C++ supports procedural, object-oriented, functional programming and a couple of other styles of programming. C++ is a powerful as well as a flexible language. It supports object-oriented programming which means that while coding for complex, extensive projects you can divide them into smaller set using objects.

    The average global salary of a C++ programmer or developer is close to fifty- five thousand dollars which is 1.6% higher than the global average salary of a developer.

  2. JavaScript

    Javascript was initially an object-oriented programming language which was used for browsers and creating interactive web pages. With the advent of Nodejs, a framework for Javascript that allows the development of a variety of applications like server-side applications, real time web applications etc., JavaScript has diversified and has moved to other environments and can now develop a wide range of applications.

    Javascript is an event-driven, functional and imperative language which is popularly used to make dynamic effects on web pages like rollover, rollout and other interesting functionalities and can also be used as a server- side language. JavaScript is both a server side as well as a client- side language.

    JavaScript is a very popular language and one of the best in the domain of web development because developers across the globe rely on it to create a dynamic experience for the users. Giants like Netflix, Uber, PayPal use JavaScript to create dynamic webpages that are fast and secure and caters to the changing demand of a wide range of customers.

    If you are still not convinced about the various advantages of learning JavaScript, you can refer this blog and understand the importance of learning JavaScript. Else, if you have started your journey in learning and being proficient in JavaScript, you can refer to this blog to get an idea about the different projects you can make in JavaScript.

    JavaScript is definitely one of the highest paid programming languages in the IT industry with an average global salary of nearly fifty- five thousand dollars which is 2.2% more than that of the annual global average salary.

  3. Python

    Python, invented by Guido van Russum in 1991, is an interpreted, high-level and general-purpose programming language. It has been on the top of the stack for many years now and is arguably the most favourite language of developers across the globe. The major reason behind the immense popularity of Python is its wide range of applications that ranges from desktop applications to web frameworks and applications. Python has a number of use cases and is also one of the most important languages in machine learning and artificial intelligence. The utility of Python in these promising technological fields in the upcoming years has made it a prominent language and hence one of the highest paid programming languages of 2020.

    Different organisations use Python for various purposes, for example, Google uses Python as a part of its search engine and Yahoo as a part of its Yahoo maps. Other organisations that use Python as one of their main technologies is Microsoft, YouTube, Cisco and more like them.

    A good knowledge of python is going to help you land a well-paid career in technology. The annual average salary of a python developer is more than fifty- six thousand dollars which is four percent higher than the global average salary.

  4. Kotlin

    Kotlin was launched by JetBrains in 2011. It is an open source, expressive, concise and powerful object-oriented programming language that combines the features of object oriented and functional programming languages. Kotlin is 100% Java interoperable programming language.

    The reason behind the popularity of Kotlin is the rise in number of android apps. The increasing number of businesses have and will continue to benefit Kotlin, the programming language.

    Kotlin, the official language for the android ecosystem, runs on the Java virtual machine. It is easy to learn, reliable and requires less maintenance.

    Companies with a large Java code base also use Kotlin because of the easy incorporation between Java and Kotlin that makes the development of android apps efficient and quicker. Kotlin boosts productivity and efficiency in the development process and hence is a very crucial language for android app developers.

    Companies like Coursera and Pinterest use Kotlin for the efficient process of application development. The average annual salary of a Kotlin developer is fifty- eight thousand dollars which is 6.8% higher than an average developer. If you are an android developer in 2020, it’s the best time to learn Kotlin as it is one of the highest paid programming languages.

  5. R

    The invention of R brought upon a revolution in the world of big data, data analytics, statistical computing and design. R is an open source language and hence data scientists across the world can use it freely. R has a strong support of different kinds of packages which add which add various kinds of functionalities and features in the R language for example, with R, you can plot excellent graphs which makes data visualisation easy, fun and interesting. Although R has a variety of applications, but it still remains as a specialised language for statistics and data science. The healthcare industry makes the most use of it, followed by the industry of academics and entertainment.

    R is a relatively new language but it still holds a strong position and remains popular amongst other giants also in the list of highest paid programming languages. Google, Facebook along with other top tech as well as non tech companies depend on R mainly for predicting and analysing activities. The average annual salary of someone who is proficient in the R language is a whopping sixty- one thousand dollars which is 13.1% higher than a developer who is working with other programming languages.

    With this, we come to an end of this blog where we curated a list of top 5 highest paid programming languages in 2020. We hope the blog helped or motivated you to start your journey in the world of programming.

    This list is not static and is subject to changes according to the trends in the industry. However, if you feel that some programming languages deserve or not deserve a spot in our list of top 5 highest paid programming languages in 2020, we would love to hear from you and be a part of a healthy discussion with enthusiastic technocrats like you.

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