5 Great Blogs for JavaScript

December 14,2020 - 5 min read
5 great blogs for Javascript

The technology stack for the IT industry has significantly changed over the past few years. There is an increase observed in multiple revisions, drafts, and growth in the form of frameworks, API’s, modules number of frameworks, libraries, tools and languages that can be used to build technological applications. Javascript is one such instance that has emerged as one of the most popular languages in the IT industry. Javascript is not only a prominent and useful language but also offers a promising field in terms of career and remuneration. Javascript is an important language, you can read this article to understand why you should learn Javascript.

The popularity of Javascript is also because of its varied use in the industry. It was initially a scripting language used to make websites dynamic. It is basically a client side development language. With the advent of Nodejs, Javascript can also be used as a backend language. You can refer to this blog to know more about Nodejs.

The job market for Javascript developers is also very competitive. It is observed that it’s easy to learn the basics of the language but it’s not easy to get your first job as a Javascript developer in your dream company. Learning JavaScript can be a tricky proposition because new libraries, features, API’s, pop up almost every day. But we aren’t scaring you, we are here to help you. JavaScript is blessed with experts that regularly contribute to the community using some amazing blogs. One of the best ways to become a proficient in a language is to read its blogs and learn about the different aspects of the language.

In today’s blog we have compiled a list of 5 great Javascript blogs that will help you master the language and might also get you a job as a Javascript developer in your dream company. The blog consists of combination of questions that can be asked from a Javascript developer. We have tried to include some important blogs related to every domain of Javascript. We hope you make the most of this list of the top JavaScript blogs from the internet and enjoy the latest developments in JavaScript. Let’s Get Started!

  1. JavaScript.com

    JavaScript.com is not really a blog, but a complete website in itself. There is a section by the name of JavaScript.com news and it contains some amazing JavaScript news, tutorials, guides, and so much more resources for Javascript. You would discover a plethora of interesting content on Javascript. As you scroll down, you explore the world of Javascript and start falling in love with the language. This website is just for everyone, whether you are at a nascent stage of learning Javascript or you are already a pro, JavaScript.com is sure to help you with the language. Apart from blogs, webinars and guides, it also has some amazing courses that would not only help you to learn the language but also master various aspects of it. You can choose any course that suits your requirements by looking at the detailed course plan for every week. Also, this blog has an attractive user experience and an easy-to-use user interface so that you are not troubled or hassled while learning this complex language of web development. One can say that JavaScript.com is the one stop solution for all Javascript enthusiasts.

  2. Brendan Eich

    Who better than the founder to learn a language? Brendan Eich founded Javascript in 1995. He has this blog by his name itself where he shares his thoughts and views on Javascript. Basically, this blog gives an insight straight from the mind of the Javascript inventor. Brendan Eich keeps the blog with filled with his musings and other excellent views about JavaScript. You will also find a lot of videos related to Javascript on the blog. This blog is not updated regularly but it for sure has a very rich content. Brendan Eich has put some presentations that he might have given at some event or the other and hence they are valuable resources for all Javascript developers. The blog also consists of some talks and webinars of Brendan Eich that are definitely going to help you explore the language. Hence, Brendan Eich is definitely a great place for Javascript learners. You should follow this blog to learn the nuances of Javascript from the founder himself.

  3. David Walsh Blog

    The David Walsh Blog is probably the most popular Javascript blog out there. The blog consists of JavaScript topics, personal thoughts on the language, guides and much more. This blog is updated with some of the latest editions and features of Javascript. It has some latest tutorials, blogs, features, demos and so much more related to Javascript. You can also find some awesome ES6 features on this blog. Apart from Javascript, the David Walsh Blog has a separate tab Nodejs blogs so that once you are done with the basics of Javascript, you can advance to learning Nodejs. It also teaches you to work with HTML and CSS. Apart from tutorials and blogs, the user interface of the blog is also very well designed which keeps you captivated while learning Javascript and other web development languages, tools and technologies. David Walsh is currently working as a Senior Web Developer at Mozilla and hence most of the thoughts and views are industry relevant. All the latest tips and tricks of Javascript that are used by IT companies are present in this blog. If you want to learn Javascript from an industry professional, David Walsh Blog is the place to be!

  4. Official Documentation

    There is a plethora of resources available over the web including blogs, videos, tutorials but nothing beats the impact of an official documentation. The official documentation of Javascript is very rich in its content as it covers each and every aspect of Javascript in detail. Other than Javascript, you can also find HTML, CSS and other front end technologies that would make you a complete front end developer. Javascript has a rich community and it can be clearly seen on the official documentation. Once you read any section of the official documentation, you are thorough with that particular topic and are ready to work with it. One can say that Javascript has the best official documentation, from expressions, operators to objects, the documentation has everything. It is basically the best place for developers to learn web technology. This documentation helps you when you are learning the language and is of great use even when you have become a professional web developer.

  5. Blog – Jack Franklin

    The Blog – Jack Franklin is one of the most diverse places to get started with Javascript. You would get variety of resources for all JavaScript frameworks, API, and libraries. The blog teaches you to work with the JavaScript ecosystem by providing high quality blog articles and even podcasts. The blog also contains a lot of different JavaScript guidelines, tips, and tricks. It is an old blog and the first article dates back to some eight years ago but is updated regularly and hence it is extremely rich in content. You would find almost everything related to Javascript explained in a simple manner. If you are working with Javascript and are stuck at something, chances are that you would find a solution to your issue at Blog – Jack Franklin. This blog has a plethora of blogs which would not only help you to master the language would also help you inculcate skills that are relevant to the IT industry and hence make you a proficient Javascript developer.

While there is an umpteen resource for Javascript over the world wide web, JavaScript.com, Brendan Eich, David Walsh Blog, Official Documentation and Blog – Jack Franklin are 5 great blogs for Javascript. These are some resources from where you can learn the basics of Javascript and also explore the complex nuances and aspects of the language. Whether you are starting to learn the web development language or you are stuck in the middle of a project, these blogs would help you become an ace web developer.

Also, if you wish to learn web development from scratch and become a proficient developer, reading blogs will not suffice. We suggest technical nerds like you to enrol in a professional training course. As explained in the blog, Javascript is a complex language and so is web development that consists of various topics and sub topics that you need to master and hence it can be a difficult experience to learn all of it by yourself. Hence, if you wish to become a proficient Javascript developer or a web developer and grab a job in your dream company, you should definitely opt for a course in web development where industry professionals would teach you all the concept of web development, right from the very basic to the complex and advanced ones.

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