5 Great Blogs for Web Development

December 18,2020 - 5 min read
5 great blogs for web development

Web development is the process of curating a website from scratch, it consists of various steps right from designing to implementing it and then finally maintaining the end-product. A successful outcome of a web development process is a full-fledged website that fulfils the demands and requirements of the client.

Web development has considerably changed in the past few decades. Earlier, it was just a collection of static web pages but over time it has advanced to visually attractive and interactive websites and web applications that are capable of storing, manipulating and accessing user data. In this age of innovation, websites are also transforming for the better by being more customised with the help of AI and machine learning.

Web development consists of various tasks and sub-tasks that are undertaken by different kinds of developers. The web development team consists of front- end developers, back- end developers and full- stack developers and web designers. You can read about web development and why you should start learning it in this blog.

There are a number of resources on the web from where you can learn the different skills of web development. One of them is blogs, an umpteen number of blogs are prepared by various contributors across the globe which help upcoming developers learn the complex nuances and roles of web development.

Blogs are a modern efficient way of learning any new skill. Many upcoming and even proficient developers rely on some web development blogs to make interesting websites and solve bugs as they occur. In this blog, we have talked about 5 great blogs for web development, we hope this list of web development blogs help you in your journey as a developer.

We have put earnest efforts in compiling these five great blogs for web development. We hope that this list proves to be useful and these blogs make a strong foundation for web development. Let us get started with our list of five great blogs for web development.

  1. SitePoint

    SitePoint is a web design and development blog authored by the experts from this field. If you’re looking for a web development blog that focuses on development, programming languages and development tools, SitePoint is a good blog to follow. The followers of this blog get a regular report on a new topic of web development each month. This report interests many web development enthusiasts across the world. Subscribers of this blog get a chance to read their daily email newsletters that revolve around the feature topic of the month.

    SitePoint covers various tools and languages of web development like HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ruby, Angular, UX design and the like. SitePoint is a holistic blog for web development as it covers a wide range of topic. Also, if you’re looking for more than a couple of reading materials, SitePoint also offers some ebooks, videos and web development courses but for that you have to pay nine dollars a month.

  2. CSS-Tricks

    CSS- Tricks is another awesome web development blog that consists of articles, videos, blogs, newsletters and much more. If you want to learn cross-platform development, web tools like Redux, tips and tricks of CSS and other aspects of web development then CSS- Tricks is the best blog to read. This blog can be thought of as a guide to help you succeed in your career as a web developer. CSS-Tricks covers all the practical and important aspects of a web developer’s job. It explains development tools, accessibility features and so many more topics that are important for web development. One distinct feature of CSS- Tricks is an Almanac. The Almanac acts as a reference guide to all the fundamental features of CSS by listing all topics explained in the blog alphabetically. In short, CSS- Tricks is a comprehensive, holistic blog for web development.

  3. Web Design Ledger

    Web Design Ledger is a modern- day blog that contains a decent mix of web development and general design topics. It has tutorials, blogs, news reports and articles of web development tools, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery and Node JS and other important elements of websites and web applications. Web Design Ledger has a very conventional design that makes it easy to follow and understand for the developers. There are more than a few blogs for upcoming developers and learners that talk about creating a website, common coding mistakes, choosing a domain name and other generalised topics for web development.

    Web Design Ledger also have blogs that explain concepts by taking real life examples from the industry. There are a lot of case studies that you can find in this blog. If you want to learn web development and aim to make a career in this field, Web Design Ledger is the blog to follow!

  4. A List Apart

    A List Apart stand true to its name. The web development blog could really be considered as apart from the rest of its counterparts. This blog is particularly popular for its unique and original content that is regularly posted. They cover wide range of topics related to website design and development like coding, content, design and even the business aspect of the tech and web development industry. Some of the useful technical topics covered in this blog is processing data with JavaScript, parsing HTML, how to enhance website accessibility for screen readers and others like them.

    A List Apart has a simple design without any extra over the top designs and hence it is very easy to follow and make sense of what is written. If you are a conventional web developer looking to upgrade, A List Apart is a good option to consider.

  5. Simple Programmer

    Simple programmer is one of the most interesting web development blogs out there. The best thing about this blog is that it looks at things from a slightly different angle and considers developers as human beings and not as machines that manufacture websites, applications or software. This blog is like an advice blog for full stack, front-end and back-end developers, as well as software engineers from a senior or somebody more experienced.

This blog contains all relevant technical topics related to the industry but apart from that they also discuss upon the lesser touched topics within the development world. They talk about topics such as the physical health of developers and how they can keep fit, developer psychology, how to improve coordination in developer teams, how to present yourself in job applications and other inter personal skills important for a web developer. Simple Programmer should definitely find a place on your browser window as this blog is like a confidence booster and a friendly word in the ear.

SitePoint, CSS Tricks, Web Design Ledger, A List Apart and a Simple Programmer are the 5 great blogs for web development according to our list. These blogs help you build a strong base in web development and also help you stay in touch with the current industry trends. However, you can always go and explore the web for more such blogs. The important part is that you should understand web development and enjoy the process of making websites and web applications that are accessed by audiences across the globe. These blogs help you in staying ahead of the competition and hence it is a good habit to regularly read blogs of your area of interest.

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