5 Misconceptions About Online Coding Courses

November 17,2020 - 6 min read
5 misconceptions about online coding courses

In today's day and age, coding is the new literacy. It comes to rescue at several steps if life, getting a job, upscaling the previous one, or even when explaining, understanding or discussing the tech products and services you use. Hence, coding has become an essential skill in 2020. The growing demand for coding has led to an increasing number of online coding courses. Not only students but many business owners, entrepreneurs, graphic designers and bloggers are starting to see the value of learning coding in this day and age of technology.

Online coding courses seem to best fit for this changing scenario. The courses are of good quality and hence are being recognized both by employers and even the academic community. This radical shift in online education and the increase in demand of coding courses had increased the number of online coding courses. Along with coding courses, misconceptions and myths have also increased. In this blog we burst 5 misconceptions about online coding courses. We hope the blog helps you find the realities of online programs before you enroll.

  1. The Online Coding Course is Costly and Difficult

    Expensive is a relative term. Online coding courses are touted to be expensive because coding is assumed to be a high- end skill. However, that is just not the case. There are multiple online coding courses available for someone looking to learn to code. The best thing is that there are options of online coding courses which provide a couple of free classes so that you can make an informed decision. All these online coding courses come with different price tags, require different time commitments and hence the skills and certifications gained also vary. However, in order to decide which option is best for you, you would have to research on the outcome of the training, your timeframe and your budget. When choosing the right course for you, be clear on your goals and expectations before even looking at options and always search for value over price. If you want to make a career in coding, you should definitely consider investing in an online coding course where you will get extensive training and one-on-one guidance from experienced mentors.

    One thing that troubles a lot of people is the notion that one has to own a personal computer to complete an online program. This is not true, it is true that owning a personal computer makes things much, much easier in your online coding course. However, you can also do without a personal computer. It is only necessary to secure access to a computer and a reliable Internet connection. If you don’t have an own computer, there are other options available like a community centers and public libraries with computers with fast Internet connections, and they can help you choose times during off-hours where you can use the computer to attend your online classes and also complete your assignments and tests.

    Other argument from learners is that online coding courses are difficult and far-fetched. A lot of beginners feel that the concept taught in online coding classes would be tough to crack and they would not be able to grasp them. This conception about coding, in general, is wrong. Coding, just like any other skill, is easy if you have the will to learn.

    There is one advantage of online coding courses that they explicitly mention the contents of their classes and emphasizes on the difficulty level of the entire online coding course to make it easier for students to choose.

  2. The Online Coding Course Doesn’t Make Sense

    The question that hovers around for a lot of potential candidates is, why should I bother to spend so much money when my coding doesn't lie in my area of expertise? It is to be noted that coding augments your scope of expertise. The truth is that in this world of progressing technology, a diminishing scope of expertise will only get worse.

    Coding knowledge is essential not only for developers but also for entrepreneurs, managers, industry professionals and a host of other employees working in different sectors. The digital world is prevalent all over and coding is a relevant skill that you could utilize to future-proof your career. The good thing is that coding is not as difficult as it is hyped to be, it’s completely attainable by anyone who is willing to learn.

    Online coding courses are a great way to begin a successful career or upgrade an existing one. However, there will always be some employers who view online degrees with skepticism, just like some people will never feel secure making a payment online. If you constitute the modern workforce of the country, the credibility of online degrees should be equal to traditional degree programs for you. However, for both, conventional offline degree programs and online coding courses, you should make sure that your program is accredited and valued on a global platform. Another obstacle in online coding course that some people believe that they cannot transfer credits from an online coding course to a traditional degree program. However, courses from an accredited program are easily recognized by a traditional brick and mortar college.

    Hence, it is completely false and baseless to say that online coding course doesn’t make sense. It is one of the most efficient ways of creating or upgrading your career in the IT industry, and also as polishing an extra skill that might help you in various domains of your professional life.

  3. Online Coding Courses are Just for Fun

    Another myth that surrounds online teaching is that it is not a serious business. It is assumed to be yet another online ‘thing’ and not something that actually renders quality as well as employable education. There are a lot of reasons that there is this conception about online coding classes, we will debunk each of these myths one by one.

    The first misconception is that the teachers who teach online are unqualified and ineligible to teach in an accredited university and have therefore chosen to teach in virtual classrooms. Rather, the fact is that there is no difference between an instructor in your online coding class and a teacher in a traditional classroom in a college or a university. On the contrary online teachers may have a deeper subject knowledge and excellent communication skills just because they have a wider audience and hence more pressure to perform well. The second myth, that makes online coding classes unreliable, is that the use of technology, such as laptops and phones distract students, and fails to provide a classroom- like environment. It is believed or rather assumed that students are tempted to pursue other digital activities during online lectures and hence miss out on studies as other digital distractions deviate their concentration and divide their attention. The fact is that if a student can concentrate in a traditional classroom, he can concentrate in online lectures. Rather, it is found that some students can focus better in online classes because they are in their comfortable zone.

    The next lie that is prevalent about online coding classes always stay incomplete. Students believe that the instructor is never going to complete the course online. Also, the involvement of technology and the internet makes the students assume that they have to be extremely tech-savvy before signing up for an online class. To argue that myth, the fact is that online-learning is very easy and if you just know how to browse the web, you are good to go. Also, most of the online instructors boast a high level of professionalism for a teacher. Hence, one can easily say that Online coding classes does translate to qualitative learning. Online coding classes ensure that students have to submit assignments and write tests and that too without plagiarism. The flexible nature of online coding classes proves to be a boon for students. These classes aren’t just for fun and hence it is easier for students to learn at their own pace and understand the topic in depth.

  4. Less Networking and hence Less Opportunities

    Online classes are attended by students in isolation where they may not see or hear classmates as in a real-life classroom and hence it is believed that students miss out on networking and interacting with peers. However, there are still several opportunities for interaction even when attending an online course. There are endless options for networking in an online coding course like discussion boards, peer reviews, group chats etc. There may be a lack of in-person interaction in an online class, but online classes provide a greater platform for networking. When you attend the online class with several others students across the globe then the chances are higher that you find a professional relationship that might turn out to be useful in your career. Online coding classes are great way to expand your horizon, connect with people with similar interest, skills and professional career and make yourself proficient in a new skill.

  5. Competitive Problem is Not My Cup of Tea

    Another thing is that coding is not about only solving competitive problems as a lot of students believe! Coding is the art of communicating with the computer and there are many languages that can be used to achieve the same. You can go through this list of top 10 programming languages in 2020 that you would probably learn in your next online coding course. Competitive coding is just a part of coding and is the only thing. You can pick your favourite language and choose your next online coding course according to your preferences. Be it a web development course, an android application development course or an ethical hacker, you have to learn coding for each of these potential careers. Fortunately, there are a plethora of online coding courses for you achieve skills in each of these domains.

Not Convinced?

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