7 Reasons You Shouldn’t Learn to Code Alone

January 29,2021 - 6 min read
7 Reasons You Shouldn’t Learn to Code Alone

Coding is a skill that everyone yearns to inculcate in order to make a lucrative career in technology. The tech industry is booming and there is a plethora of opportunities waiting for those who have the right skill set along with the zeal and potential to learn and excel in their field. However, in order to move ahead in your career, one not only needs to learn the skill of coding but also excel in it by understanding the complex nuances of computer science. If you are a beginner and thinking about learning how to code, this blog is perfect for you to start your journey.

In this blog, we break down the journey of learning how to code. A lot of people begin to learn to code individually without any external help. However, it's never been easier to teach yourself to code. Learning to code can be hard for some people and if you are alone in journey, the experience can be all the more difficult for you. Hence, in this blog we share seven reasons you shouldn't learn to code on your own.

A lot of people think learning to code is an isolated process and you have to start by hacking computer games and reading every hard programming book out there. Hence, a majority of them push themselves too hard and end up giving up upon their decision. These days, there are several courses to make the process of learning how to code more effective and efficient. No matter which path you choose, it is clear that learning to code solo is not the best way for everyone to learn.

When it comes to learning the basics of coding, there are various free resources available which help people to learn how to code on their own according to their comfort and that too from a remote location. While, this revolution in the technology industry is a good thing, it has some down sides too. These unlimited resources indicates that it is especially important to choose the right one for you amongst all those available. If you don’t make the right decision, more often than not, you get trapped in the cycle of giving up. At first, the concepts get too hard to understand which results in people switching from one concept to another or changing the classes altogether and then end up giving up on their dream of learning how to code.

Hence, in the journey of learning how to code, it’s important to choose the right course that provides a good roadmap through different coding concepts and computing languages that lets the students focus on learning and exploring rather than wasting time on how and what to learn. However, once you choose the right course for you, the next step is to finding the right manner of learning. As mentioned in the blog above, learning to code in isolation isn’t really a good idea!

In this blog, we compile 7 reasons you shouldn’t learn to code alone. These reasons are a result of some first- hand experiences of learning to code and how to make it more effective. If you really want to get serious, progress and go ahead with your code, one thing to abide is to not be alone or isolated while learning to code. Here are seven reasons you shouldn't learn to code alone. Let’s get started and we hope that this compilation convinces you to learn to code in a group rather than learning it alone.

  1. Teach while you learn and learn while you teach

    The idea of teaching others to understand better in not new. It is said that students who teach other students are expected to score higher and do better compared to those learning just for themselves or in an isolated environment. Hence, if you are interested in studying coding, apart from learning, you should also test what you learn by explaining it to someone else. When you explain it to somebody and especially to someone who might have trouble understanding a particular concept, the concept gets clearer in your head. Hence, you should always force yourself to explain a concept to somebody once you are thorough with it. Also, when you teach somebody, apart from your concept getting stronger, you also feel good about helping someone else. Hence, whenever in group, always make sure that you teach others.

  2. Asking for help

    Irrespective of what you are studying, asking for help is an essential without which you rarely stride ahead. You should always ask for help whenever you think you need it. However, some points are to be kept in mind before asking for help. You shouldn’t ask questions immediately when you don’t get something or find it difficult to understand something. The reason is that if you follow the tough path or pushing yourself to figure out for yourself, you sharpen your thinking abilities and hence it benefits your academics. However, after a point if you think you are getting nowhere, it’s best to ask for help. You should ideally ask a teacher or a fellow student to help you realize your mistake. Sometimes, it might be a very obvious point that you know but was unable to recall at that moment and hence a quick help from someone proves to beneficial. Ideally, you should not learn to code alone because you cannot ask for guidance from another person or look at a problem from a different perspective if you’re just teaching yourself in an isolated environment.

  3. Keeping up with the spirit of teamwork

    If you are learning to code in order to make a career as a developer in the IT industry, one skill to learn and inculcate is team work. You might already know that no piece of software or application was ever built by just one person. So, if your goal is to be hired as a developer in this competitive industry, you have to adapt and learn how to collaborate with a team. If you learn to code alone, you would find it difficult to blend in with a team later in your career. It’s better if you start working with people in groups and teams early in your life as it is going to help you make a successful and fruitful career. All this is not possible if you learn to code alone as the skill of effective teamwork comes from learning and practising in collaboration with others. If you learn to code with a couple of your friends or colleagues, it ensures a fruitful learning experience as well as makes you an effective and efficient team worker.

  4. Finding Inspiration

    The truth is that learning how to code is not as glamorous as it sounds. The process of learning a computing language along with algorithms is hard. Majority of programmers even the successful ones, once thought of giving up or at least skipping a particular portion or part of the curriculum. Of course, there are exceptions, where people are resilient enough to push themselves through tough situations, however, for majority of them, a constant support system is necessary to keep themselves inspired and motivated to their goal.

    We have all experienced those times where we were verge on the giving up. At that very moment, we wall need someone to inspire or at least check on us so that we don’t go off track.

  5. Diverse Opinions

    If you have even little experience in coding, you would know that there are several ways to solve one programming problem. When you get down to solving a problem, it is always good to have a diversity of perspectives. Programming is not rigid, it’s a creative craft. As said earlier, there are so many ways to solve the same programming problem and hence if you are learning to code in a group, you would stumble upon as many creative approaches which will help you stride ahead in your journey of coding. It’s always best to be surrounded by learners with a diversity of perspectives and backgrounds when learning a new skill. People who have minds that function differently than yours can help you expand your thinking and sharpen your skills. Hence, it’s anytime better to learn to code in a group compared to an isolated environment where you don’t have anyone to offer a different perspective than yours while solving the same programming problem.

  6. Making it a way of life

    We have talked a lot about how it’s not a good idea to learn coding alone. In this segment, we would talk about how learning to code alone is just not an option if you end goal is to become a developer. If you want to enter the industry, it would take much more than just a sound knowledge of computer science.

    In order to become a developer, you have to inculcate skills that are essential for the industry. Team work and being an active part of the tech community is like a way of life for developers. As a developer you have to learn from each other and grow together.

    The best way is to start young and learning team work right from the time you start learning to code. You should also engage with the community od developers who are learning just like you.

  7. More the fun, more the learning

    We have enlisted several technical reasons why you should not learn how to code. Other than the inculcating the skill of collaboration, getting inspiration from peers and getting a different perspective, learning to code in a group is also a lot more fun and you are much more likely to learn something if you enjoy the process. A lot of people around has a huge impact and makes the process fun and enjoyable.

These were seven reasons why you should not learn to code alone. If you are convinced, you should definitely look for some friends or local groups where you can connect with learners and other aspiring programmers.

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