Front End Developer Salary and Career Outlook in India (2020)

October 27,2020 - 5 min read
Front end developers Salary in India

Web development is the process of building a website right from scratch. It is understood by the definition of web development that it is not a single person’s task to build a complete website. Web development consists of an array of tasks that are distributed amongst different developers. In this blog we are specifically talk about the work of front end developers. However, the main topic of our discussion would be regarding front end developer’s salary and career outlook in India.

A web development team consist of UX/UI designers, front end, back end and full stack developers. In order to understand each of these roles, we first need to know about web development in detail. You can read about web development in this article. Once you are a confident about the theory of web development, you can go ahead and understand each of the roles in detail.

UX/UI designers are also known as web designers. Web designers are concerned with the layout and position of elements in a website. You can read about the difference between web design and web development in this blog. After the work of UX/UI designer is done, front end developers come into picture. We would discuss the role, outlook and salary of front end developer in this blog itself. The next role in the process of web development is that of back end web development. Back end developers take care of all the functioning that is hidden from the user. You can read here about all the skills required to become a back end web developer.

In today’s article we are specifically going to talk about Front end web developers, salary of front end developers and their carer outlook in India. We would begin by understanding what is front end web development, what is a role of a front end developer and then finally proceed to the salary and career of a front end developer in India in 2020. Let’s begin our journey!

What is Front End Development?

Front end development is the process of coding and building the visual aspect of the website. Front end development is also known as the client side development simply because it deals with all the elements that are directly visible to the client. The whole process of building a front-end intends to display the information in an attractive and concise way to the user.

The basic toolkit of a front end developer consists of HTML, CSS and Javascript but over the years, this toolkit for front end development has considerably changed. It has advanced and has become more creative. We are going to talk about the toolkit of a front end developer in our next segment. However, it still remains a prominent way to attract a large audience and display as relevant information in an appropriate manner. This is precisely the reason that front end developer salary is quite decent in India and across the globe. Front end developers are responsible for creating the visual aspect of the website while the back end Developers ensure the proper functionality of the website.

Toolkit for Front End Developers

  1. HTML and CSS

    These are the most important and basic skills that a front end development requires. HTML which is an acronym for Hyper Text Mark-up Language is a standard mark-up language for creating basic structure of web pages. You can read more about HTML in this blog.

    CSS on the other hand is a Style Sheet. It stands for Cascading Style Sheets. CSS is basically a style sheet that is used for describing the presentation and design of a document written in a mark-up language. In short, CSS defines the style of a webpage whose structure is defined by a mark up language like HTML. CSS is also responsible for the layout of the webpage as it describes the behaviour, position and style of all HTML elements. You can read about the details of CSS in this article.

  2. Javascript

    Another important language of web development is an event-driven, functional and object-oriented language known as JavaScript. It is basically used for creating interactive web pages. If you see dynamic effects on a web page like rollover, rollout and other interesting functionalities, Javascript is probably the language behind their implementation. Javascript is an important language in the field of web development, it is even used by over 94% of all websites as a client-side language.

  3. Frameworks

    Frameworks are a great help to front end developers! For those of you who don’t know what a framework, it can be imagined as a predefined code that helps in the process of building an application. These pieces of code that are known as frameworks simplify the complex task of making a component or collection of components from scratch. In the 21st century where the standard of technology is rising every day, the intricacies of the technologies behind them are also rising and the use of frameworks have become immensely popular.

    Thousands of developers across the globe use frameworks simply because it is an easy way of building rich and interactive web applications that otherwise was a very cumbersome task. Let us discuss some of the frameworks that are used in web development.

    Bootstrap is one such open-source CSS framework. It contains CSS and Javascript based design templates that can be used for advanced styling to the layout and different elements of the HTML document. Bootstrap is a very popular and a responsive front-end framework that is used to build almost all modern websites and applications.

    Django is another important framework for web development. It's basically a Python framework which is used by most popular technological companies such as Google, Youtube, and Instagram.

    Django provides techniques, tools and features such as Authentication, messaging, DRY pattern, convention over configuration etc. to developers so that they can build a secure, dynamic and interactive website in an efficient manner. There many other frameworks used in web development like Vue, Angular, Rails, Spring etc.

    While we are talking about frameworks in web development, we cannot omit React. Reactjs is essentially a javascript library but a majority of developers refer to it as a framework. React is used to build fast and interactive user interfaces for web and mobile applications. One of the most attractive features of React is that it is open-source, developers can easily access the source code and modify it according to their application. React has an easy learning curve as compared to other frameworks and there are a number of recent developments in React like the latest extension – React Native which can be used to cross-compatible make mobile applications.

Who is a Front End Developer?

We have covered extensively about front end development, different tools, techniques, languages and frameworks used for the client side development of a website. Now that we have enough knowledge about front end development, let’s understand the role of a front end developer in any organisation.

In simple terms, a front end developer is a professional who is a part of the web development team and is particularly responsible for the coding of the client-side or the front end of a website. A front end developer makes sure that the user has a smooth experience as front end developers hide all the functional layers from the user so that the no user faces any trouble in navigating the website.

They integrate all the different elements of a website and create an interface so that the users can easily can interact with the website. I hope that you would have got an idea about the importance of front end developers in an organisation that develops websites or web application. Hence, front end developers always remain in demand and their salary in India and across the globe is very high and continues to grow at a significant rate. Let’s have a look at a deeper insight at front end developer’s salary and carer outlook in India.

Front End Developer’s Salary

Here comes the most awaited part! The average salary of a front end developers in India is around Rs. 5.3 Lakhs per annum, however it may vary according to the quality and quantity of skills, experience and many other factors. Let us discuss some of the factors that affect the front end developer’s salary, future prospect and career outlook. The main factors affecting the Front End Developer Salary in India are company, experience, location and skill.

The company you would get as a front end developer is very important because it has a direct impact on the front end developer’s salary. Other thing experience. If you have a good amount of professional experience, you are at a better position to earn a higher salary as a front end developer. Employers also prefer to hire and pay more to experienced developers as they are better at understanding the roadblocks in the process of development and providing quick solutions for common bugs. A good experience and a progressing company make for a high salary and a lucrative position as a front end developer. The next important thing is location. This is a factor whose importance is diminishing day be day as we move towards a virtual world. However, location now stands for a good network infrastructure. Any prospective employer would ensure proper and reliable internet connection if the work is remote. The last and the most important thing is skill! Skills are the most important in any profession. Here is a blog that compiles all skills required to become a front end developer, you can go through this if you wish to!

Hence, you can conclude that as a front end developer is a lucrative job and as a fresher front end developer salary can be around three lakh per annum and with a little bit of skills and experience, you can earn up to four and a half lakhs along with monetary and non-monetary benefits. However, as a front end developer veteran the sky is the limit. According to analysis, high-end front end developers can earn more than 14 lakhs per annum and enjoy a lucrative job where they get to utilize their creative as well as technical skills.

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