10 Latest HTML projects ideas to enhance your skills

October 22,2020 - 5 min read
HTML projects ideas

Every organisation is looking for a skilled web developer to build websites and web applications that capture the attention of audiences like no other. Everyone relies on a tasty secure and scalable website to mark their presence on the world wide web. Observing the trends, it is safe to say that the market and demand for web development and web developers is growing significantly.

Web development is a complex layer of many programming, scripting and design languages, web frameworks, servers and databases. However, the foundational language of the web is the HTML. Mark up languages like the HTML is responsible for the basic structure of the web pages, it is known for creating skeleton of the web page. HTML consists of tags and elements that build a website from scratch. If you wish to more know about HTML, you can refer to various blogs at our blog page.

In this blog, we are going to talk about some of the latest HTML project ideas to enhance your skills. These HTML project ideas will not only sharpen your skills but also contribute in building a strong resume for a web developer. Let's get started with our list of 10 Latest HTML projects ideas you should start working upon.

  1. A Restaurant website

    The task is to curate A website that displays all information regarding the particular website. This website gives you the flexibility to show of your strong HTML skills. In this project, you should add rates, photos of the food items available, display the restaurant’s photos in an attractive manner while giving the page an aesthetic look and feel. This project requires you to use the right mix of colors, font-style, visual graphics and correct positioning of elements.

    Any restaurant’s website would contain a lot of photos of various types of food and visuals of the property. For displaying these photographs, you can introduce a photo gallery along with sliding photos for an easy and attractive user interface. Linking of internal pages can also be done so that the user can be easily redirected to desired section of the webpage. The final goal should be to make a easy and attractive user interface so that the website is easy for the user to access and beautiful to look at and it attracts a large number of people simply by its attractive website.

  2. A Landing Page

    A landing page is one of the most important webpages of the entire website. It casts the first effective impression on the end user and hence it has to be the most attractive page yet full of useful information. If you want to build a strong foundation of HTML knowledge then a landing project would just be perfect.

    Apart from a good set of HTML skills, you will need plenty of imagination and design skills when you try to come up with an effective landing page. Building a landing page, is just not an easy task. lt needs an extensive understanding of HTML elements and how to use them.

    A landing page is backed up with heavy work in stylesheets also for adding colour combination, padding, Margin, boxes etc. but if we are concentrating only on HTML then make sure the structure is robust and comprehensible.

  3. Photography Website

    This is another HTML project that will hone your skills and introduce you to different nuances of HTML. If you want to build a strong resume for web development, you can create a photography website where you can display a variety of pictures. The styling can be done in an attractive manner by including all necessary information presented in a concise manner. The structure of this website has to be robust and well thought. You can take some ideas like you can add the website's name at the top with a logo that best describes the theme of your website. The cover page could contain some of the best work of the website in a concise yet attractive manner.

    It is a photography website and hence you can also add the photographer’s contact information beneath the image. A good layout has to be designed in order to add this feature .

    Linking of webpages can be done effectively so that the user can be directed to the desired photo gallery. Good linking of web pages makes the user interface easy and attractive.

  4. A Personal Portfolio Website

    This has to be almost like a mandatory HTML project. A personal portfolio website is a best section to add to your resume. This HTML project is like your own unique portfolio that you can make with the help of HTML5. In this website you can display samples of your work and contributions to different projects. Now, this is your personal portfolio so you can decide the structure and layout of the page that best suits your professional identity. Navigation menu, header and footer can be adorned with necessary information like contact, services, work experience etc. You can add a paragraph or a few lines describing yourself somewhere on the website. You can include some samples of your work and can also embed videos that are relevant to your professional experience.

  5. Technical Documentation

    This is a great HTML project for a fresher, student or even an experienced person in the industry. This website basically gives information about a technical project. It includes the technologies used and the utility of the project in real life.

    The layout of the web page has to be organised in order to suit the nature of the project. You have to include relevant pictures and a brief summary of the project. You can also include the information and pictures of the various members involved in the project.

    The purpose of the web page is to render information about your project and promote it a across the globe. You can add external sources and cite necessary references. Lastly, make sure the website is aesthetic and it looks professional so that it fulfils the purpose.

  6. An Event or Meeting Webpage

    This is an important HTML project which will basically contain information about meetings and events. This is a HTML project which is open to your imagination and creativity. You can add as many options as you like, you can even create a register option for individuals or groups of people planning to attend the event. Some section of the website can contain information like intent or category of the meeting. There can be images inserted in the webpage including that of the presenter, venue and other relevant to the cause.

    The layout of the page should be well defined and there should be distinct parts like the navigation bar, header, footer etc. The color palette has to be appropriate and the font colour should match it. The overall design of the website should be attractive and easy to use.

  7. A Survey Page

    Survey pages are one of the important web pages. These websites would be dealing with a lot of data so the website must be robust enough to handle that much of data.

    In order to build a good survey web page, you should be well versed with the basic tags in HTML. In a survey page there has to be the inclusion of various types of input boxes like various text fields, check boxes, radio buttons, dates, and others. The structure of the web page also has to be well built so that the user interface is easy. A survey page is easy to build but requires a strong knowledge of HTML tags and elements.

  8. A Tribute Page

    This is an easy HTML project yet showcases a strong set of web designing skills especially in HTML. A tribute page can be dedicated to someone who inspires you in your life. It is a great HTML project to start your career in web development. It is also easy to build because only basic understanding of HTML is required.

    The landing page of this website can contain images or text about this particular person. The layout of this page has to be well defined which looks good and gives the relevant information also. You can use lists, paragraphs and images and align them well so that they look aesthetic and appealing with attractive font, styling and colour. There can be linking of web pages also and each page can be defined, keeping in mind the main theme of the entire website.

  9. Donation Website

    This is another great HTML project for beginners as well as experienced professionals. A donation website has a lot of scope for you to showcase our creativity as well as HTML skills. The donation website can include photographs and summary of the cause you are supporting.

    As mentioned for earlier projects, the donation website should be built by a combination of HTML elements like navigation bar, header footer etc. Rest is imagination and one can be as creative as possible in making a website.

  10. e-voting system

    This can be another outstanding HTML project for DEVELOPERS. The technicalities for this project will be something similar to that of e-voting system. The e-voting website will consist of one type of input box.

    Another thing is that the user interface of the website should be easy to use so that the process of casting vote virtually is not difficult for the users.

    With this we come to an end of our list of top 10 HTML projects to enhance your skills. We hope you are inspired by some of them and are ready to plunge into the world of technology.

    While these were some of the essential and popular HTML projects, if you have some more in mind, we would love to discuss them and build a community of enthusiastic and dedicated technocrats.

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