What Makes Konfinity’s Coding Courses Exceptional?

December 9,2020 - 5 min read
What makes Konfinity’s coding courses exceptional?

The increased reach of Internet and easy access to innovative technologies to a wide range of people across the globe has benefitted the online learning industry. Even in the pandemic, online learning is at a peak even when the demand for most of the businesses are experiencing a downfall.

Out of all the classes available over the internet, online coding classes are probably the most popular. The rise in the demand of coding has given birth to a number of coding classes for all age groups. They are so many in number that learners often face the problem of plenty. If you can relate to the difficulty of choosing the perfect coding class, you can refer to this blog for some help.

We, Konfinity, are one such company that offers online coding courses. We will be discussing here how the courses work and what makes them different from others.

What is Konfinity’s Online Coding Course?

Konfinity is an Artificial Intelligence platform on which you can learn coding, and jumpstart a career in IT. We offer two courses - web development and front- end development, and are in the process of creating more courses. Our courses are curated by experts from IIT Delhi, in collaboration with tech companies like Google, Amazon and Microsoft.

We make sure that learners get personal mentor attention along with a strong network of students to share and learn with. The course is well paced for all types of learners. We also offer placement assistance with some of the most coveted companies in the IT industry. The course fee works on a nominal registration deposit followed by Income Share Agreement basis, to make it easier for students to take the course.

Understanding Konfinity’s Course

In order to understand our online coding courses, lets start with an overview of the timeline, and the several steps involved in taking the course.

The first step is registration. Students start by sending us their resume and other relevant details via the website or email. After registering, we start the trial of our platform. Once a student has decided that she/he wants to join, they then pay a nominal registration deposit to start the course. They are then all set to rock the IT world!

The next step is taking the course, studying and being consistent. Students attend online classes and interact with their mentors regularly. They work on individul and team projects to practice and fine tune their skills, and also build a strong body of work to show to future employers. The course format is geared towards not only giving you state of the art technical knowledge but also build skills of team work, patience and time management.

Once the hard work is done, it’s time for you to reap the tangible benefits. We provide our learners with placement assistance with the best IT companies in the world. You join the Konfinity Job Track by signing an income share agreement (ISA). As per the ISA you pay 10% of your CTC as course fee, only if you are placed with a package of 6 lakhs per annum or above, capped at a maximum of Rs 2 lakhs.

This was a concise timeline of Konfinity’s online coding course, we hope you got a clear picture of our courses. Now let’s talk about the various benefits of Konfinity’s courses. In short, we would answer ‘What makes our courses exceptional?’

What makes our courses exceptional?

So what makes us different and why should we choose us? We offer all around learning and support, and access to the best mentors, peers and companies from around the world. Our alumni are placed with companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Paytm, Zoom and more. Let’s look at the benefits of joining one of our courses:

  • One-on-One Mentorship

    When you enrol for a Konfinity course, you not only get access to content but you are assigned a mentor who is responsible for solving all your queries regarding the course and guiding you throughout your journey.

    Getting guidance from a personal mentor who is not only a subject matter expert but also a coach and friend who understands your journey, makes it easy to learn and build a solid foundation of concepts.

    Many online courses out there offer lot of content, but without real- time guidance. This makes it overwhelming for students to absorb all the concepts and algorithms and hence they end up cramming their notes. In Konfinty, we make sure that a mentor is available to give personal guidance to you and solve all your doubts real- time.

  • Active Peer Community

    While you are working or learning from a remote location, one thing you miss is a strong community of friends or fellow developers. Konfinity takes care of this shortcoming by ensuring you engage and collaborate with an active peer community, who are learning the same technologies as you.

    You would not learn in isolation but in teams that consists of other students enrolled in Konfinity. By group projects, we make sure that other than gaining the right knowledge, you are also learning from each other, and building valuable teamwork and interpersonal skills.

  • Online Platform

    Konfinity is a 100% online platform, from registration to learning to placement assistance, all is done remotely. This makes it accessible to a wide range of learners. You don’t need to be physically present at a particular place to access the course. All you need is an internet connection.

    On our platform, the Konfinity Workspace, you will access your course content, work on team projects, and engage with your mentor. The platform is state of the art, and prepares you to compete in the ever evolving industry by staying ahead of competition.

    The Workspace is AI enabled, and personalises your learning curve and gives insights about learning and retention. There are scoreboards on the platform itself so that you can analyse your performance in comparison with other learners. Konfinity’s online platform is a great place to build complex projects in an industry-like environment.

A Strong Portfolio

A developer’s portfolio is made up of skills, projects, work experience and certificates. A lot of companies , in fact maybe all of them, give extra importance to portfolio when recruiting.

The projects you build while enrolled in the course are based on real world problems as they are developed in collaboration with top IT companies. So the day you sit for placements, you are ready with an impressive, with the times, portfolio which is relevant to the companies you will be interviewing with.

  • Placement Assistance

    Konfinity’s main aim is to render employable education. We have a network of over 200 companies and give our students 100% placement assistance. We are happy to share our alumni are placed in successful companies like Google, LinkedIn and Oracle as software developers and engineers.

  • Income Share Agreement

    One of the benefits of Konfinity is that you don’t have to pay a heavy fee at the commencement of the course. You can get started with the course by paying a small registration deposit as an indication of your interest and commitment towards the course. You avail the benefits of the course - work on projects and get guidance from mentors, and only pay us the course fee if and when you get placed in a high paying job.

    Once you have completed your course and are ready for placements, you sign an Income Share Agreement (ISA). This agreement says that if you are placed with a package above 6 lakhs per annum, you pay us 10% of your CTC as course fee, capped at Rs 2 lakhs.

    The ISA is very beneficial to learners from all economic groups. You can learn freely and pay later at a comfortable time.

We hope that now you have got a fair idea about Konfinity, our courses, and why you should consider choosing us amongst the available courses. If you have any doubts or queries regarding the course or its contents, please feel free to contact us and we would love to help you and begin your journey in the world of technology. We hope that thousands of learners like you avail the benefits of this course and become proficient developers and secure their future in the IT industry.

If you are excited to start your journey as a web developer, we encourage you to register with Konfinity ‘s Web Development Course which is trusted by students and graduates from IIT, DTU, NIT, Amity, DU and more. You don’t need to have a prior coding experience to start with the course. Start your free trial here.

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