A team dedicated to your success

Our team is on a mission to support you in the best way possible through your journey with us. Whether its creating the most relevant and cutting edge curriculum, providing personalized support and community engagement at every step, or helping you convert that dream job, we have it all covered!

Faculty of Konfinity’s online

                            coding courses

World-class faculty

The curriculum for our online coding courses has been developed by our esteemed panel of industry experts from companies like Google, Microsoft and Amazon.

They have written books and curriculum used all over the world by thousands of schools and professors, and are well equipped with the knowledge required to bridge the gap between education and employment.

Konfinity students with

Student with mentor

One-on-one mentorship

From day one you will be assigned a personal learning partner to help you at every step through your course, right from answering doubts and questions to guiding and motivating you to achieve your goals.

One-on-one education is the most effective way to learn. As per scientific research, students who get this support perform 98% better than those who don’t.

Konfinity students

Active peer community

Our online support network empowers our students to engage with fellow students with ease. You can seek out assistance with problems, and collaborate to do team projects. They are just one message away!

Career coaching team

Get that dream job and salary with the help of a dedicated career coaching team. Your career team will help you with everything during your job search, from resume writing to portfolio building, developing interview strategies and even salary negotiation. Our work isn't over till you're hired!

Student with faculty