Best Programming Languages for 2020

September 28,2020 - 10 min read
Best Programming Languages for 2020

Technology has become an integral part of our daily lives. Be it communication, entertainment or profession, technology has crept up in every domain of our life.

As technocrats we know that every illustrious technology is just few lines of code. Well maybe not few but a little more.

In order to make applications that make a difference in the lives of people, we need to first pick up a computing language. The languages we choose makes a huge difference in the process of developing an application.

If you choose one of the best programming languages of 2020 that is trending, chances are that it will have a stronger community support, more updates and a number of libraries and frameworks to go with it.

Having said that, we would like to clarify that the choice of language should heavily depend on the nature of application and the expertise of the developer.

Here's a list of best programming languages of 2020. The languages in the list is chosen on the basis of popularity among developers, latest updates, its application and most importantly the companies using them.

  1. Python

    Python, invented by Guido van Russum in 1991 has been at the top of the stack for many years now. According to the formal definition, Python is an interpreted, high-level and general-purpose programming language.

    Python has emerged as the most favourite language of developers. The credit goes to easy syntax and a number of libraries to support your code.

    One of the major reasons why this is one of the best programming languages of 2020 is its wide range of applications. From desktop applications to web frameworks and applications, python has a number of use cases. Python is also the most important language in machine learning and artificial intelligence which are one of the most promising fields in the upcoming years.

    Google uses Python as a part of its search engine and Yahoo also uses Python as a part of Yahoo maps. Organisations like Microsoft, Youtube and Cisco also have Python as one of their main technologies.

    Python is definitely a rewarding language in 2020. A good knowledge of python is definitely going to help you land a successful career in technology.

  2. JavaScript

    Javascript founded by Brendan Eich back in 1995 was initially an object-oriented programming language used for browsers and creating interactive web pages. But now it has diversified and has moved to other environments and can now develop a wide range of applications.

    Javascript is an event-driven, functional and imperative language. It is popularly used to make dynamic effects on web pages like rollover, rollout and other interesting functionalities. It is also used to make both server side and client-side applications.

    Developers across the world rely on Javascript to create a dynamic experience for the users. It is one of the most popular and a part of the best 20 programming languages of 2020 in web development.

    Nodejs is a framework for Javascript that allows the development of a variety of applications like server-side applications, networking applications in distributed systems, real time web applications and much more.

    It is used by giants like Netflix, Uber, Paypal to create dynamic webpages that are fast and secure. Javascript has become one of the most popular languages used in the world of technology.

  3. Java

    Established in 1995 by Sun Microsystems, Java remains one of the most relevant and one of the best programming languages since over two decades. It is a popular language that supports the concepts of Object-oriented programming language that is inheritance, polymorphism, abstraction and encapsulation.

    Java is an open source language with a strong community support and over a million repositories on Github. It supports a number of frameworks like Spring, Struts and Hibernate. These frameworks and their regular updates make Java an interesting language to learn. It is mostly used to make server-side web applications.

    Java remains so popular because it is cross platform, easy to learn and has a strong memory management system. Many developers start their journey by learning the basics of computing, data structures and algorithm in the Java language because it creates a strong foundation for your career as a developer.

    Companies like HCL, Wipro, Capegemini, Tech Mahindra and a lot others use Java to build strong, robust applications with top notch security and high performance.

  4. Go

    Go is a young programming language developed at Google in 2007. It used by an increasing number of developers across the globe. Go is particularly famous for simplicity and uniformity.

    Go, multi-paradigm programming language, can be seen as a substitute of languages like C++ and Java and it has been successful to an extent as it is the fifth most preferred programming language according to a survey.

    Google made a conscious decision to keep the language simple and easy to understand so that it becomes instantly popular among developers.

    One of the advantages of Go language is its speed of execution and the wide variety of applications. It is a very flexible programming language and is used for system and network programming, implementing machine learning, doing video and audio editing and much more.

    Go was designed by Google and is often used by it in a number of internal projects. Other than Google, companies like Uber, Dropbox and Dailymotion are also using the Go language for high reliability, scalability and performance.

  5. Swift

    Apple developed this general-purpose compiled programming language to offer a simple and cohesive syntax to developers across the globe.

    Swift is high in demand because it is one of the few languages that lets you build iOS applications. Swift enjoys the advantage of the ability to build applications that can make payments in iOS.

    Swift makes for a powerful, intuitive language yet the syntax is fun and interactive. The quality of swift matches the industry level. Some of the most popular features of Swift are –

    • Keywords like do, guard, defer and repeat facilitates in advanced control flow.
    • Powerful built-in error handling.
    • Incorporation of functional programming patterns like map and filter.
    • Strong community support and a number of core libraries.

    It was developed in 2014 but has quickly become one of the fastest growing languages and is definitely one of the best programming languages of 2020. There are a number of companies that switched their iOS apps to Swift because of its light weight and resilient.

    The companies that use Swift are lyft, Uber and a whole ot start-ups and emerging companies.

  6. Kotlin

    JetBrains launched Kotlin in 2011, an open source, expressive, concise and powerful object-oriented programming language.

    Kotlin combines the features of object oriented and functional languages. Kotlin is 100% Java interoperable programming language. The easy incorporation between Java and Kotlin makes the development of android apps efficient and quicker. This feature helps companies who have a large Java code base. The use of Kotlin boosts productivity and efficiency in the development process.

    The Kotlin language runs on the Java virtual machine and hence it is declared as the official language for the android ecosystem. Kotlin is easy to learn, reliable and requires less maintenance and hence is one of the best programming languages in 2020.

    The rise in the number of android apps will surely benefit the popularity of Kotlin in the years to come.

    Many companies like Coursera and Pinterest have switched to Kotlin for an efficient application development process. Kotlin is a very crucial language for android app developers.

  7. R

    Developed and named after Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman, R is a language and environment for statistical computing and graphics.

    R is the most popular language when it comes to statistical computing and design. It became a revolution in the world of big data and data analytics.

    It is open source and hence data science enthusiasts across the world can use it freely. It has the capability to plot excellent graphs which makes visualisation easy, fun and interesting.

    Although R has a lot of capabilities but it remains as a specialised language for statistics and data science. The healthcare industry uses it widely followed by academics.

    R remains popular and holds its position in the list of best programming languages amongst other giants also.

    It has a strong support of an array of packages which add a lot of functionalities and features in the R language.

    Big shot in the industry like Google and Facebook depend on R for mainly predicting and analysing activities.

  8. PHP

    PHP which now stands for Hypertext processor was created by Ramsum Lerdorf in 1994.

    PHP is basically a server-side programming language that runs on almost all platforms and is compatible with all servers6. It is usually used in developing webpages and applications. It is embedded in markup languages like HTML.

    PHP is at its core a lightweight scripting language. It has frameworks and CMS like WordPress, Drupal and others. It makes application development simpler and more efficient. It's a portable solution and also easy to deploy compared to other best programming languages.

    PHP is often touted as an old and redundant language but it’s nowhere near truth. PHP remains as one of the most classic and prominent languages in the world of web development.

    Major companies are using PHP for their core competencies. Facebook, for example, was originally developed in PHP. It continues to use PHP and keeps on inventing PHP related technologies. It developed a custom version of PHP called the HVVM and a PHP derived language – Hack.

    There are a majority of other companies that have PHP as one of their core technologies. Wikipedia, Tumblr, iStockPhoto, Yahoo and many more.

  9. Ruby

    Ruby was developed in Japan in the 1990 as an interpreted, high – level and general-purpose programming language. It follows the principles of objected oriented programming language that is polymorphism, inheritance, encapsulation. It is basically a scripting language that is used in both front end and back of web applications.

    It has emerged as the favourite language for start-ups and young developers and hence Ruby is one of the best languages to learn if you want to be a part of grand opens source projects.

    Ruby on Rails is a full stack web framework for Ruby that provides for a robust architecture for developing web applications. Ruby on Rails takes less time in deploy and run a web application than other frameworks.

    Ruby is a dynamic language that focuses on productivity and efficiency. It has a number of built-in functions that enhances the whole experience and process of developing applications.

    Ruby is used by industry giants to maintain their tech stack. Airbnb, Github, Fiverr and other innovative companies that continuously seek to excel in their technologies.

    Here we come to an end of our list of best programming languages of 2020. However, the technological ecosystem is changing every few days and hence the list is subject to change.

    If you think we missed some important programming languages of 2020, we would be happy to hear from you. Let’s create a community of technocrats.

    While here is the list of best programming languages of 2020, it is not enough to only have a knowledge of these languages. If you want to build a lucrative career in technology, you deserve to be under professional guidance,

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