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Current openings

ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Front-End Engineer will build administrative and reporting dashboard Establish patterns for administrative and reporting user interfaces Create new administrative and reporting screens as required by the organization Front-End Engineer will learn data models of various enterprise apps Learn framework libraries and apply to creation of dynamic user interface elements
SKILLS: Front-End Engineer has working knowledge of JavaScript (ES6/ES7/ES8) Experience with understanding JavaScript Event Loop, Callback Queue, JavaScript prototypes, scope chain, closures and writing asynchronous JavaScript while using Promises/Async/Await Front-End Engineer understands block rendering and its prevention through WebAPI’s (such as Timeout) Understands the more practical principles of Functional Programming (immutability, closures, currying, function composition, recursion, pure functions, first class functions) Front-End Engineer is familiar with libraries that lend themselves to functional programming in JS, such as Ramda or Immutable.js Extensive knowledge of ReactJS Framework & Redux Library (react-redux)
Front-End Engineer has worked with CSS/SCSS before and writes component-specific styles, not page-specific Thorough understanding of CSS specificity and its calculation Thorough knowledge of the box model and CSS organization practices such as BEM, SMACSS, and Bootstrap-like. Front-End Engineer is excited to leverage modern features like FlexBox or external CSS libraries to simplify code instrumentation tools that help measure and improve front end performance Ability to get up to speed on a given technology quickly via whatever methods needed (Udemy, Frontend masters, reading documentation, etc.)
ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES : - Develop and manage client portfolios. - Sustain business growth and profitability by maximizing value. - Analyze customer data to improve customer experience. - Hold product demonstrations for customers. - Improve onboarding processes. - Evaluate and improve tutorials and other communication infrastructure. - Mediate between clients and the organization. - Handle and resolve customer requests and complaints. - Minimize customer churn. - Aid in product design and product development.
SKILLS: - Communications or Marketing Degree. - Highly organized and able to multi-task. - Self-driven and proactive nature. - Excellent communication and interpersonal skills. - Demonstrate leadership qualities. - High computer literacy and ability to learn new software. - Knowledge of customer success processes. - Experience in document creation. - Patient and active listener. - Passion for service.

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