Frequently Asked Questions

We train you, not only to deploy simple applications, but also to understand what is happening under the hood. Konfinity will endure you from a solid foundation to launching advanced statistical models. At Konfinity team not only teach you to design user experiences, but also how to build them. Learn to create simple web design with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, GIT and UI Principles as well as full stack application development through the React - Redux Ecosystem and deployment on AWS. Back End Development is integrated in with Node.js, Express, SQL, SQLite, and OAuth. Coding is serious work, and the more you practice the better it is! However, on an average, a student working 2-4 hours daily for 3-4 months can land a high paying job.
You can get started with your course by paying a registration deposit as an indication of interest. We offer an income share agreement (ISA) to make it easier for students to take our courses. When you get a job of Rs 6 LPA or above via Konfinity Job Track, pay 10% of your CTC in instalments as course fee.
From day one you will be assigned a personal mentor to help you at every step through your course, right from answering doubts and questions to guiding and motivating you to achieve your goals. One-on-one education is the most effective way to learn. As per scientific research, students who get this support perform 98% better than those who don’t.
Our online support network empowers our students to engage with fellow students with ease. You can seek out assistance with problems, and collaborate to do team projects.
After you have completed a level, we will send you a certificate of completion over email, which will reflect your profile and marks. If you have completed an advanced level, we will also share your projects with our panel of hiring partners. This will help get interviews in prospective tech companies.
This course is completely online so that you can learn as per your own schedule. We use online tools to enable teamwork and mentor-student interaction. All you need to get started is a laptop and an internet connection!
To start the basic level at Konfinity (Web Development and Front End Development, you need to understand basic mathematics like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Furthermore, you need to be able to understand expressions in English. Most importantly, you must have a grit and diligence to complete the projects on the deadline and discuss with your mentor in case of any doubts/queries. The requirements for individual courses are mentioned on the course page.
Our goal at Konfinity is to help our students really succeed to the best of their ability and to remove the barriers that are currently preventing more people from being able to access cutting edge tech education, that will give them a high paying career. Read about our story.
Konfinity floats campus ambassador internships and promote it in various colleges. Students submit their applications and their statement of purpose. After this the students are shortlisted and are invited to interview either to the Konfinity office or over Skype, as per their convenience. Then the top engaging students are shortlisted and are invited to become the campus ambassadors.
The job of the campus ambassador is not only to promote our initiatives and events, but also to organise the hackathons and act as a single point contact in the campus for the students.
These campus ambassadors get konfinity goodies, merchandise and certificates, and also get konfinity scholarships and the top performing students are also provided with Letter of recommendation. Konfinity organise meet up sessions where all the campus ambassadors interact and share their ideas with each other. These meet ups are an excellent opportunity for the ambassadors to interact and network with like minded tech enthusiasts.
Konfinity does not work as an institute exactly, it is basically an online platform where you can learn to work on industrial projects and create a portfolio without actually attending boring lectures and going from one coaching institute to another. Data driven support, income share agreement, project-based learning and a dynamically changing curriculum differ Konfinity from other coding institutes.
A boot camp is an introductory session around a new technology, while Konfinity is an end to end solution for students from learning to employment.
Konfinity helps you start your career as a professional software developer from scratch and will let you learn to code by providing you with projects on trending technologies such as Node.js which ultimately helps you build your portfolio as a high profile software developer. What counts more is your diligence, hard work, and ability to learn.
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