How to Build an Outstanding Full Stack Developer Resume

November 9,2020 - 8 min read
How to build an outstanding full stack developer resume

Web development is one of the most prosperous fields in amongst all other domains in the IT industry. For those unaware, web development is simply the process of building a website or a web application. It consists of all steps right from designing to implementing the design to adding functionalities and maintaining the website. All these sub tasks are carried by different types of web developers, designers and engineers.

If you are an enthusiastic web developer or even a regular technocrat, you would know that the process of building a website consists of tasks of varied domains. Amongst the UX/UI designers, Front end and back end developers, a prominent role is that of a full stack developer. A full stack developer is responsible for a number of tasks important that ranges from designing a website to implementing it to creating the back end of that website.

Full stack developers are considered to be one of the most important members of any web development team. If you envisage yourself as a web developer, full stack developer is the profile you should aim for. You can read about the skills required to become a full stack developer here where we have also talked about the necessary tools and technologies that are essential to build a website as a full stack developer.

However, even if you have all the required skills and aptitude to become a successful full stack developer, one thing you would require is an outstanding full stack developer resume. In this particular blog we talk about building an outstanding full stack developer resume. Make sure you pick up the gist of the article and build a personalised full stack developer resume that would get you a job as a full stack developer in your dream company.

Resume Layout

The layout of your resume is the most important thing in the entire resume because that is the first thing that the employer notices. While you are building a resume, the first thing to decide is the resume layout. Generally, candidates have three standard resume layouts to select from. Functional layout, Reverse chronological layout and the Hybrid resume layout which is a combination of both functional and reverse chronological layout. There is also a fourth category which is the creative one! In this layout, candidates can be as imaginative as possible. However, it is observed that creative resumes often get too much and are rejected most of the times. The best remains the hybrid layout as it renders most information and looks presentable as well as professional.

Resume Sections

After you have finalised the thing that you should know is what resume sections to consider for building a full stack resume. Top sections to consider while writing a full stack resume are a resume header with title in it, a section for your professional summary, professional experience, relevant skills, achievements and awards and Certification. Let’s discus each of these and their contents in detail.

  1. Writing a Full stack developer resume header

    A full stack resume header ideally should have a name, contact (email and phone number), Github, NPM or Stackoverflow links or a Personal blog or a portfolio link if you have so that people can know a bit more about you. These may come across as tiny or redundant details but turns out that it may help you connect with the right employer. These tiny details make all the difference else, your resume will be scanned and evaluated in less than 6 seconds. Here is a small example of an outstanding full stack developer resume -

    • ABC XYZ
    • MERN STACK Developer
    • +91 XXX XXX XXX
    • New Delhi, India
  2. Full Stack Developer’s Resume Objective or Summary

    You can adorn your resume by simply adding some essential points to your full stack resume summary. You should mention the front end, backend and database technology that you’ve worked upon nut make sure that the technologies/frameworks you add are relevant to the role you are applying for. It is also effective to add number the total relevant work experience you have but do not forget to add details to showcase the scale and your business achievements. The full stack resume summary examples below will show you the difference of using a good vs bad resume summary.

    A Full Stack Developer with X years of experience in Python, Javascript, MERN, etc. Conferred with the Award for emerging developer while working at XYZ.

  3. Adding Full Stack Web Developer Experience

    Any hiring manager here wants to dive deep in your work experience to get to know more about your work ethics. You should make sure that the developer experience should answer the following points -The quality of the frontend that you built, aspects of the work you were truly passionate about? (It can be front-end, back-end services, databases, etc), What did you actually learned and implemented while you were gaining the work experience? Let's take a look at couple of resume experience sections and you would be able to see for yourself what makes a good work history in resume.

    Let's take a look at couple of resume experience sections and you would be able to see for yourself what makes a good work history in resume.

    • Full Stack Web Developer
    • ABC Inc.
    • 03/2019 - 05/2020
    • Delhi, India

    Designed and built the front-end of the organisation’s eCommerce application using ReactJS with reusable components. The work involved optimizing service layers, request queues and MongoDB data model to handle request load.

  4. Full stack developer resume skills

    If you are a full stack developer then technical skills represents the real deal! If the skills mentioned in the resume match the job requirements, the chances of getting a job increases by huge margin.

    We have already mentioned the link to the blog that talks about the top skills required by a full stack developer. In that blog, both soft skills and technical skills required to become a full stack developer is enlisted.

  5. Other Sections in a Full stack developer Resume

    Other than these general sections, there are some other pieces of information that you can consider adding to build an outstanding Full Stack Developer resume. Some of them are Certifications, Achievements, Contributions or Recognitions and even some minor Projects. These extra sections allow you to be a bit more descriptive about your resume. These extra details help you take advantage on other applicant’s weaknesses and make your resume stand out. Small and earnest efforts to add relevant detail leaves a powerful impact on the employer.

With this we come to an end of our discussion on ‘How to build an outstanding Full Stack Developer Resume’. We have covered some of the most important points that you should add to make your resume get you your dream job.

The final takeaways of this blog are that you should focus on building a hybrid resume that should confine within two pages. Make sure you add a resume header and have your Github or Stackoverflow profile or your personal blog links mentioned in the header. The total years of relevant experience, your tech skills and achievements should also be there within your resume summary. However, you should be careful to show only skills and achievements that are relevant within your professional working experience and the domain of the job. Also, make a separate section for your resume skills and remember to add both technical and soft skills to it. You can also add separate sections for recognitions, achievements, certifications and other distinct qualities you think are relevant to the job.

We hope you will keep some of these ideas and points in mind and come up with an outstanding full stack developer resume. While this was an essential and also popular format for a full stack developer resume, if you have some more points or a different format in mind, we would love to discuss and build a community of enthusiastic and dedicated professionals who are ready to plunge in the world of technology as a full stack developer in your dream company.

However, if you really want to become a successful full stack web developer and indulge in some of the cool projects that companies are developing then apart from building a strong and effective resume, you should also undergo rigorous professional training. A full stack developer resume is as strong as the skills, certifications and knowledge you have as a full stack developer. The world of web development is competitive and more so for the profile of full stack developer and if you want to secure a job in your dream company then professional technical training is a must. Apart from helping you build an outstanding full stack developer resume; we can help you gain some important technical skills along with some excellent industry level projects.

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