8 Essential Full Stack Developer Skills

October 20,2020 - 5 min read
skills required of a full stack developer

Full Stack Developer represents professional versatility at its best. Full stack developers possess a profound knowledge of both frontend and backend web development and hence every company looks for such skilled technocrats and offers a competitive pay. A bunch of competitive individuals dedicated to and responsible for building a website right from scratch to the end product.

Website development has seen a significant growth since the advent of the digital era. Every organization is ensuring their online presence through creative and interactive websites. Every domain in web development has seen huge demand, be it a front end, back end, full stack developer or an UX/UI designer, every profile involved in curating websites has seen tremendous professional growth.

Full stack developers especially are enjoying a greater surge in demand. Be it tech giants or young start-ups, every organisation is looking for skilled developers who can take the responsibility of every step in the process of web development.

The three main profiles are front end, back end and full stack developer. In one of our blogs we have covered extensively about web development, you can read about it here. In today’s blog, we are going to look at some of the skills that are required to become a full stack developer in your dream company. In the world of web development. Let’s get started with first understanding what is full stack developer and then the skills required for a full stack developer.

Who is a Full Stack Developer?

The prerequisite of understanding the role of a full stack developer is getting to know about front end and back end developers. The front end developer also known as client side developer is responsible for dealing with the visual elements of the website which is intended to display the information in an attractive way to the user. On the other hand, a back end developer also known as server side developer handles the part of web application that deals with the functioning of the website but is hidden from the user. You can read more about the front end development, back end development, the skills required for each, their industry trends and much more in this blog.

Full stack development is an intelligent combination of both front end and back end development. A full stack developer is expected to be familiar skilled in both client and server side development. Every layer of the tech stack of web development and its functions and components has to be know by the full stack developer.

Now that we have had an overview of who a full stack developer is and what does he does, let’s jump in into the section where we would discuss about the skills required to become a full stack developer in 2020.

Full Stack Developer Skills.

Here is a list of top skills that are absolutely essential to become a full stack developer in 2020. The skills mentioned here are necessary but not sufficient. In order to become a successful developer, one needs to constantly update oneself. However, here are some skills that you need to acquire in order to enter the industry as a full stack developer.


    The first in our list is the popular set of languages like HTML and CSS. A frontend developer is highly recommended to be fluent in any mark-up language and preferably HTML as it is the structure of any website. CSS on the other hand is also necessary as it is the language that is responsible for styling the basic structure prepared by HTML.

    Full Stack Developers to define the structure of web pages by using mark up languages and also be proficient in CSS for effective presentation of the structural elements.

  2. Javascript

    JavaScript, the object-oriented scripting language, is a mandatory full stack developer skill. is mostly used for adding behaviours using HTML. Javascript is also a unique language because it can run on the browser as well as on the server side (with the help of Nodejs). Javascript is one of the most popular languages used for writing frontend and backend code for servers. It can be extremely beneficial for full stack developers to have in-depth knowledge of JavaScript along with its libraries and frameworks like React and Angular. As mentioned earlier, it is mandatory for Full Stack Developers to constantly upgrade. JavaScript knowledge also have to be updated as and when new frameworks, libraries, and tools are introduced.

  3. Git and GitHub

    Git is an open-source “distributed version control system” that handles the development needs of aspiring as well as experienced developers. Git is efficient as it allows developers to seamlessly manage all the changes made to applications, codes, websites, documents related to software/application development. A GitHub profile is often compulsory if you are working in a development team.

    It is especially useful for Full Stack Developers as Git allows the tracking of every minor modification done to the source code of the application. Full stack developers are expected to be aware of all the basic Git commands and examples. A strong knowledge and application of Git allows Full Stack Developers to better collaborate and cooperate with their fellow developers, programmers and designers who are working on the same project.

  4. Back End Languages

    We mentioned earlier that full stack developers are a combination of front end and back end while we have covered the basics languages of front end (HMTL, CSS and Javascript), it’s time we read about the skills and languages important for backend. There are a variety of backend languages like PHP, Python, Ruby and Java. PHP, an open-source, cross-platform compatible language, is the most popular choice amongst all. You can read more about the skills required for backend development here .

  5. Web Architecture

    We have discussed above that full stack developers are one of the most prominent people in a team who are developing a web application. We also deduced that they are required to be equipped with multiple skills pertaining to both frontend and backend development.

    Another skill that full stack developers should be aware of is Web Architecture. Since their primary responsibility is to develop complex software applications from scratch, they are expected to know the details of the web architecture. Full stack developers must know how to structure the code, categorize the files, structure the data in databases, and perform necessary tasks in the process of web development.

  6. Creative and Analytical Thinking

    Full stack developers are required to have creative and analytical as well because they need to come up with solutions to a wide range of problems that commonly occur in the process of web development. Their basic responsibility is to collaborate with all developers and engineers come with creative as well as feasible solutions.

    Full stack developers should have a creative and an analytical mind and the ability to adapt to new tools and technologies because just like in any other area of software development, the trends in web development are also constantly changing. Full stack developers should keep up with the recent developments in in the IT industry and intelligent enough to imbibe the latest tools and technologies in their project.

  7. Communication Skills

    Communication is important any job profile in every industry and especially Full stack developers need to be good communicators because they work in collaboration with a number of developers and designers. Full stack developer work with a number of other profiles in an organisation from UI/UX designers to backend developers. Social and interpersonal skills such as communication is highly appreciable in a full stack developer.

    Effective communication skills are essential for working in a team. Full stack developers should possess the valuable skill which allows them to clearly express the ideas and solutions they have in mind so that they get implemented efficiently.

  8. Teamwork

    This is essential for any professional out there and hence it is important for full stack developers also. They need to be skilled and efficient collaborators so that the end product is best in quality. Effective teamwork is a part of full stack developer’s everyday life. A successful web application is a result of effective communication with the client as well as with the entire project team. Full stack developers shall support and encourage all developers, engineers and designers in the team so that the workflow shall be optimized and the end product shall be delivered quickly.

Here we come to the end of the list of skills required to become a full stack developer. This was an effort from our side to cover almost every skill to become a full stack developer. These were some of the basic skills that are required to grab a job as a full stack developer in your dream company. However, in order to work as a successful full stack developer in any organization, continuous learning and hard work is essential.

In this blog, we tried to cover some of the basic skills important for full end development but if you feel we missed out on something important or didn’t understand any concept, we would love to hear from you.

Full stack developers collaborate with both front-end developers and back-end developers and each have their own importance in the market and no one profile is more important is more important as compared to another. Each of these developers possess some skills that are prominent to the development of application and hence both are valuable in the I.T industry.

While we have covered almost every skill that is required to be a full stack developer. However, theoretical knowledge is necessary but not sufficient in any profile and the field of IT industry is same. If you want to make a lucrative career as a full stack developer, a practical, professional and industry like training is a must. Make sure you start your journey as a full stack developer now under right guidance.

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