Full Stack Project Ideas to Build Your Portfolio

November 6,2020 - 5 min read
Full stack project ideas to build your portfolio

Web development is one of the most emerging fields in the IT industry. It is simply the process of building a website or a web application. Web development consists of all steps right from designing to implementing the design to adding functionalities and maintaining the website and all of them are carried by different types of developers, designers or engineers. As discussed, web development consists of various sub processes that are undertaken by different developers and hence a web development team consists of many profiles.

If you are an enthusiastic web developer, you would know that the process of building a website consists of tasks of varied domains. A web development team consists of UX/UI designers, Front end and back end developers. All these profiles are expected to play different roles. Another prominent role amongst web developers is the full stack developer. A full stack developer is responsible for a number of tasks important for building a website right from its designing to its implementation to creating the back end.

Full stack developers are one of the most important members of the web development team. If you are crazy about building websites, full stack developer is the profile you should aim for. The skills required to become a full stack developer can be cultivated while making full stack development projects. You can read about the skills required to become a full stack developer are comprehensively listed here where we have talked about the necessary tools and technologies that are essential to build a website as a full stack developer. In this particular blog we discuss full stack development project ideas to build your portfolio.

The list we prepared is just a collection of some of the most popular projects ideas you can build as a full stack developer. Feel free to add your imagination and creativity to make projects outside of this list. Also, these are just ideas and that means that you can add as many features as you want. Let’s begin without list of full stack project ideas to build a portfolio.

Management System

A management system is one of the most common projects that are made using every programming language and especially in web development. There are various kinds of management system and they are popular for a reason! When you make a management system, you brush up almost every skill you have come across while learning the theory of all languages and tools of web development. Management systems in web development is one of the most common projects. In a full stack project like management system JavaScript is used to add functionalities like removing, adding a user, assigning an admin, setting up tasks etc. HTML and CSS on the other hand can be used to set the design interface of the system and PHP, Python or any other backend language along with a database can be used to construct the served side of the management system. A library management, or university management or payroll system are some of the Full stack development management project idea that you can build for an effective resume. A management system can be a very successful full stack project for your portfolio if it is made accurately.

Event Webpage

This is an important full stack project for portfolio. This full stack web development project will basically contain information about meetings and events. The event webpage is also open to imagination and creativity. This project can have as many options as you like, you can even create a register option for individuals or groups of people planning to attend the event. This project would addon your resume more if you add interesting features like a section of the website can contain information like intent or category of the meeting. A variety of images can be inserted on the webpage including that of the presenter, venue and other relevant to the cause.

The meeting webpage is a full stack project idea to build your portfolio and hence the layout of the page should be well defined and there should be distinct parts like the navigation bar, header, footer etc. The overall design and colour palette of the website should be appropriate yet attractive and easy to use.

E-commerce Portal

E-commerce portal is one of the most trending full stack project ideas for beginners as well as experienced developers. This project can be for a start-up or some existing organisations. This E-commerce portal can solve one or more purposes, it can acquire used products from users at a price, refurbish them and selling them off at a margin or sell completely new items to consumers. However, the website must display second-hand products or new items that is currently being sold. Other functionalities of the e-commerce portal should be that users must be able to sign up on the site and set up their profile.

Users should also be able to search for their required products and checkout to the payment page and securely make payments. After a successful purchase the expected time of product arrival must be communicated to the user via different media as well as, the invoice information can be displayed on the order page. E- commerce portal can be an amazing full stack project idea to build a portfolio.

A Survey Page

In this time of websites and applications, consumer surveys are very important and hence survey pages are much in demand. Creating a survey page can be a good full stack development projects idea to build your portfolio.

In order to build a robust and secure survey web page, you should be well versed with the basic tags in HTML, CSS and any back end language of your choice. Apart from a well built and robust structure and easy to use interface of the, the most important thing in a survey page would be the inclusion of various types of input boxes like various text fields, check boxes, radio buttons, dates, and others. A survey page is a good full stack web development project idea to build a portfolio because it is easy to create yet it showcases a strong knowledge of front end and back end tools and technologies.

e-voting system

This can be another outstanding full stack project for web developers to build an impressive portfolio. The e-voting system would require the full stack developer to have a good command on both front end and back end tools and technologies. The user interface of the website should be easy to use so that the process of casting vote virtually is not difficult for the users. e-Voting System is a good full stack project development idea to build an impressive portfolio. E-Voting system is not only a great technical project but also a project that holds social importance.

Personal Website

A personal website can be seen as a mandatory full stack web development project. A personal portfolio website is a best section to add to your portfolio and caste a stronger impression on the interviewer. This full stack web development project is like your own unique portfolio that you can make with the help of HTML5, CSS and Javascript along with any other back end language. In this website you can display various samples of your work and contributions to different projects related to your domain. Because this is your personal portfolio so you can decide the structure and layout of the page that best suits your professional identity as well as the nature of job you are aiming at. Some of the suggestions can be that the navigation menu, header and footer can be adorned with necessary information like contact, services, work experience etc. You can also add a paragraph or a few lines describing yourself somewhere on the website. You can include some samples of your work and by embedding videos that are relevant to your professional experience.

Imagination is The Key

We have discussed a wide range of full stack projects ideas to build your portfolio. The topics were general and common, none of the ideas were out of the box as all of them are already being built by thousands of your fellow developers, colleagues and students. However, if you want to stand out, you have to go to the extra mile!

A good full stack project would have all the basic functionalities, features and interface similar to any common full stack project but apart from them, it should boast an idea that is unique as well as useful. A full stack project idea to build a strong portfolio should solve a problem and attract a wide range of users.

With this we come to an end of our list of full stack project ideas to enhance your skills and build your portfolio. We hope you are inspired by some of these ideas and are ready to plunge into the world of technology. While these were some of the essential and popular full stack project ideas, if you have some more in mind, we would love to discuss them and build a community of enthusiastic and dedicated technocrats.

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