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Discover and on board new skilled talent best suited to your requirements. Whether you are hiring for dedicated full-time opportunities or want to hire a new intern, Konfinity graduates are ready to power your organization from the very first day.

The graduates are well trained in handling and managing complex projects in teams and share the workload for faster execution.

Konfinity student

Full-time employment

Hire your next Full time tech resource from Konfinity Graduate talent pool. We’ll help you to find out the ideal candidates perfectly suited to your requirements


Give a Konfinity graduate a trial with a 3-6 month internship. If it’s working, make the hire full-time. If not, no worries.

Konfinity Bridge

Get your talent custom tailored according to your stack and technologies. Select your trainees before graduation, and we will train them as per your methodologies.

Skilled Graduates.

Konfinity graduates have a plethora of the most in-demand skills required in the digital age. Our graduates have been trained in the next generation technologies by industry experts and contribute meaningfully from the very first day. We have a selection rate of 1-2%.

Success Stories

Ravi kant

Chem Engg, IIT Delhi

  • UI / UX Design at Konfinity
  • Placed with Societe generale
  • Starting salary 18LPA

Yash Madhurendra

Chem Engg, IIT Delhi

  • Web Development at Konfinity
  • Placed with Fanatix
  • Starting salary 22LPA

Vipul vaibhav

Electrical Engg, IIT Delhi

  • Web Development at Konfinity
  • Placed with Oracle
  • Starting salary 21LPA

Deep Verma

CS Engg, Galgotias University

  • UI / UX Design at Konfinity
  • Placed with Mind your fleet
  • Starting salary 8LPA

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