How to Build an Impactful Portfolio Website for a Web Developer

November 23,2020 - 3 min read
 How to build an impactful portfolio website for a web developer

What is the best way to showcase your skills as a web developer? If your answer is resume, well you aren’t wrong. Resume is one of the ways but it is certainly not the best one. If you are still wondering, we would like to tell you that creating a portfolio website might be the best way to exhibit your skills to the recruiter and stand out of the crowd.

A portfolio website is a great way to get a potential employer’s attention and might help you grab your dream job. The recruiter might just click on the link, visit your portfolio website and create a lasting impression of you as a web developer. However, before you carve dreams, you have to work hard. It is important that you learn to make a portfolio website that stands out.

If you are all set to make your portfolio website but aren’t sure how to go about it, you have come to the right place. In this blog we make an earnest effort to explain how to build an impactful portfolio website for a web developer. Let’s get started with this tutorial that would help you create a portfolio website and might land you a job as a web developer in your dream company.

Identify the Theme

Your portfolio website should be well designed. The theme of the website should clearly exhibit your skills and is interesting enough to capture the attention of the viewer. Before you start creating your portfolio website, you should have a clear theme in mind or at least the reason you are creating the portfolio website. Also, make sure the end result looks like a web developer’s portfolio website by ensuring that your objective is clear and concise. The website should have a well- defined structure where all the skills are clearly shown. Once you have identified the theme, the next thing is finding a domain name. Your portfolio website is going to need its own domain name because it would be helpful with the branding and marketing of the portfolio website. A customised domain name adds that little extra edge, makes you seem more passionate about the work you do and builds a credibility that might help you score extra marks.

Get Started

Once you are done with finalizing the theme and the domain name, it’s a good time to get started! If you are confident, you can make your own website with the help of templates, designs, or just from the inspiration you’ve collected so far. Nonetheless, you can also hire a professional graphic designers or web developers if you can afford one to make one of the best portfolio websites out there. However, if you are doing by yourself, you can rely on other portfolio websites to provide some of that necessary web inspiration you need to make a website.

Once you start creating your own portfolio website or hire someone to do the same, there are a few things to keep in mind. First of all, you should create a website that is easy to navigate. Easy navigation of the website has to be ensured by creating categories and dividing your work into segments. This makes it much easier for a person browsing to better understand your portfolio and judge you on your the most important aspects of work. The best thing is to visit other portfolio websites before you start creating yours as it would help you differentiate between good and bad portfolio websites. Along with making the navigation easier, it is also important to make sure that you display best work in your website portfolio. You should choose projects with best results because listing out every single detail and ever insignificant project makes no sense, rather it makes the website mundane and verbose. You should display only your top and relevant projects with desirable results. You can also divide your projects into categories to make the portfolio more organized and easier to navigate.

The next obvious point to keep in mind is navigation. You will spend hours surfing your own website but please understand that not everybody has that much of time. Recruiters, especially, are not going to spend more than 2-3 minutes analysing every last detail you have put on your website. Hence, make the portfolio website in such a way that it captures the employer’s attention in just 15 seconds and creates a strong first impression. While all web developers like you would have creative and original ideas to make your portfolio website look appealing at the first glance, here are some ways we can suggest. We have already mentioned the fact that you should put your best work first so that it doesn’t go unnoticed. You should also try putting yourself in the client’s shoes and then recreate the portfolio website. Other than this, you can also search for some web design inspiration by checking out portfolio websites of other web developers across the globe. At the end, make sure that your online portfolio clearly displays your best work in the right manner.

Make it Interesting

A portfolio website is not just a collection of degrees, skills, projects and accomplishments, it’s not just a resume, but much more than that. With a website, you have all the freedom to make it interesting for the recruiter. You can add context to you projects by telling the story behind them and explaining how you thought about them. This little story telling can be very helpful to present your work the right way. You can look at some existing portfolios to get a better of how to demonstrate your projects in the right manner.

Other than gloriously listing out your projects and skills, make sure you introduce yourself also. Make sure you include a concise bio about yourself to let the recruiter know you along with your work. Your bio can include some of your best skills and experience as a web developer along with some of your biggest accomplishments.

If you can design or make somebody else design a good logo for your portfolio website, it might help you brand yourself and create a strong and long- lasting impression.

While you adorn your portfolio as much as you can, keep in mind that clear and concise presentation is everything. If you are not very good at visualizing design, you should consider using website templates to help you keep the design clean. At the end, the portfolio website concise, simple, accessible and easy to navigate.

If you are lucky enough, you would have good recommendations ot testimonials from clients, mentors or teachers. Make sure you include these precious pieces that show you had worked with in the past, in your portfolio. Other than recommendations and testimonials, you should also include awards and certifications as they make your candidature seem more trustworthy and reliable.

Promotion Time

The hard work is done but there is still a lot left to do! Once you have curated a great portfolio website and it is there on the web for everyone to see, you have to promote it as much as you can. Make sure that your website reaches as many recruiters as possible and you are amongst the top- notch candidates. Social Media can greatly help you in growing your network and building stronger connections to promote your website as much as possible. However, Social media promotion and engagement might look easy but it’s definitely not! In order to make sure that website reaches the right people in the right time, you have to keep in mind a couple of things.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most crucial things to incorporate in your portfolio website in order to make sure that more and more people can easily find it and hence optimizing the content and the URL for search engines is a must! If your website is difficult to be found on Google, then the whole exercising of curating one is mostly just a waste of your time and resources.

Keep Working!

Now that you have created a top-notch portfolio website, put up great images and listed your past work. But to break the secret, that is not enough! In order to go to the extra mile, you should keep your portfolio by constantly updating it. The portfolio website should be kept alive by adding fresh content and hence make it relevant and interesting for the recruiters. Blogging and constantly updating your website is also a great way to strengthen your brand, become easily recognizable and grow your network amongst your domain.

If you have read the entire blog and reached here then first of all, congratulations on creating or giving a serious thought to building a portfolio website. It is a great step towards helping the potential clients as well as recruiters to find and choose you in the sea of experts in your field by promoting your work and displaying your skills, accomplishments and projects. We hope your website is well-made and creative because that might be the first and the biggest step that would take you to several steps closer to getting a job as a web developer in your dream company.

With this, we come to an end of our guide on how to build an impactful portfolio website for web developers. We hope it helps you create a successful one, however, if you have doubts regarding any point mentioned or you feel that there might be some more tips to build a successful portfolio website, please feel free to have express yourself.

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