Javascript Developer Salary and Prospects in India

December 24,2020 - 4 min read
Javascript developer salary and prospects in India

There has been an exponential increase in the number of apps and websites due to the increase in internet consumption by both mobile and desktop devices. The industry of web sites and web applications is flourishing because almost every organisation is aiming to go digital or has already adapted to the digital world with websites or web applications. One can say that learning web development promises a high- paying job in your dream company.

Over the years, the technology stack for the web development industry has significantly changed. Javascript is a language that has emerged as one of the most popular and useful languages of the web. Javascript is an important web development language that helps add functionality to websites and web applications. It makes an application or a website interactive and dynamic.

If you want to make a career in the world of technology then Javascript is a prominent and useful language and also offers a promising field in terms of career and remuneration. However, the job market for Javascript is competitive. It is said that it’s easy to learn the basics but it’s not easy to get your first job as a Javascript developer. But hold on, we aren’t scaring you instead we are just encouraging you by compiling this blog that gives you a glimpse of Javascript developer prospects in India.

The market is competitive because companies are competing with each other to hire the best talent. In return, they also give the best when it comes to competitive remuneration. The increasing number of companies that value Javascript as an emerging language of development has contributed to the prosperous market of Javascript. In this blog, we talk about Javascript developer salary and prospects in India. Let’s get started!

Types of Web Developer

A Javascript Developer is responsible for optimizing applications, and implementing architecture and API designs. The knowledge required to carry out daily tasks of a Javascript developers is a deep understanding of web markup and of course expertise of JavaScript. As a Javascript developer, you should be ready to adjust in a fast-paced environment and implement complex design specifications with the help of the wide knowledge base of the language. The demand for Javascript developers has changed quickly because of the sudden and enormous rise in web development. Along with the rise in web development, the value of websites with design responsiveness has also increased exponentially. Hence, only a great JavaScript developer will be able to adapt and perform outstandingly in a competitive and ever- changing environment.

The configuration of a web development team is not as easy it sounds. When it comes to developing websites, there are many types of developers who have different type of responsibilities in the web development team. There are various web technologies that are available out there and hence there is a need of different types of developers who work with different domains and sides of a particular applications in order to give their users the best experience. In general, there are Frontend Developers, Backend developers or full stack developers.

A frontend developer develops the code that helps the end-user to view and interact with the application. Front end developers basically plan the layout and aesthetics of the website. Front end developers curate user interfaces, for example – Konfinity’s blog page. The knowledge stack for front end developers consists of CSS, JavaScript, HTML, and a collection of a bunch of other UI frameworks like React, Angular.

Backend developers, on the other hand, work on database design, implementation of the core functional logic, performance, and scalability of a bit of software or system running on machines. The work of a backend developer includes integrating databases, caching systems, and other systems with the User Interface. A backend developer is required to have a knowledge of programming languages like Java, C, C++, Ruby, Perl, Python, Scala, Go and others.

The amalgamation of responsibilities of back end and full stack developer is the work of a full stack developer. They are required to help ascertain the feasibility of a project and work on it, right from conception to the final product. A full stack developer requires good organizational skills and a keen eye to detail. They are responsible for developing and designing the entire project that includes the entire web architecture of the application. They have to ensure that the application is responsive and all other features of the application works according to the expectation of the customer.

Many people begin their career in technology as frontend web developers and as they gain more experience and expertise, most of the developers make a transition and become full-stack developers. The work of a full stack developer is a combination of both frontends as well as backend. Full stack developers are in high demand in big corporations as well as upcoming start-ups because full stack developers understand the work of design and development and improve efficiency of work.

Now that we have discussed the main profiles in a web development team, let’s explore the diverse roles and responsibilities of Javascript Developers. A JavaScript developer is responsible for building a clean and effective code for developing the best experience for users. The main work is to integrate both backend and frontend technologies in order to build a holistic application. They are responsible for scripting and adding functionality to the application. If you wish to take on the role of a Javascript developer, you have to focus on the project by being consistent, qualitative and efficient. Javascript developers also work on maintainability, efficiency, site latency, security along with contributing to the web development with an elegant and practical code.

A JavaScript Developer requires a deep understanding of programming languages along with sufficient knowledge of Git, CSS Libraries and other nuances of the technologies used in the development of the application. Basically, a Javascript developer ensures feasibility of web designs, enhances the performance of the website, modifies the specifications of complex applications, analyses the final code, system risks and requirements. A Javascript developer also collaborates with frontend and backend web developers to building websites made up of sustainable codes that may be used by other developers in future without any hassles or issues.

Now that we have understood the web development team and especially Javascript developers, let’s have a look at the job opportunities of a Javascript developer in terms of career outlook and Javascript salary.

Career Outlook of Javascript Developer

A simple LinkedIn search would give you a glimpse of the enormous opportunities for a JavaScript developer. If you have the right skill set and updated knowledge of JavaScript tool and technologies, you are all set for an eventful career as a Javascript developer. The Javascript developer salary is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years. Especially in India, when we consider JavaScript developer’s salary in India, the future looks quite prosperous. However, a Javascript salary is heavily dependent on the developer’s skills, experience, and how updated he or she is when it comes to Javascript.

In India, locations like Delhi-NCR, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Mumbai have high demand of JavaScript Developers. However, newer IT destinations like Pune and Chandigarh are also attracting a lot of companies and hence there is a demand for Javascript developers in these locations also.

When it comes to Javascript developer salary, one can easily expect Rs. 350,000 per annum at an entry level position in India and once in the industry and gain five or six years of experience and expertise, you would be rewarded with a salary as high as Rs. 1,000,000 per annum. However, remember that these figures are heavily dependent on your skills and expertise and hence the remuneration is always going to rise once you gain more experience and knowledge along the way.

Javascript Developer Salary

As mentioned earlier, India has become a technology hub in the past few years. Recently, big multinational companies like Amazon have opened their headquarters in India. The rise of technology giants and start-ups in the country have contributed to the increasing demand of Javascript developers in India. It is one of the largest markets to recruit JavaScript developers and also other web developers.

However, there a lot of determinants that decide your salary as a Javascript developer. In this segment we would discuss the different factors that affect the Javascript salary in India.

  1. Location

    Location plays a big role in deciding the remuneration you get as a Javascript developer. In India, the opportunities are higher in cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, and also New Delhi. Hence, it is understood that JavaScript Developer salary in Hyderabad and Bangalore would be higher than in other cities. These places are considered to be the hub of technology in India and hence you would get more opportunities and higher remuneration.

  2. Experience and Skills

    One of the most important factors that determines your profile and remuneration as a Javascript developer is experience and skills. A fresher is most probably going to start his career as a Javascript developer with a remuneration of around Rs. 224,624 in India but as experience and expertise increases, developers can expect Rs. 1,074,419. As developers gain experience, they learn new skills, tools and technologies as hence new opportunities and projects are offered to them.

  3. Company

    The company you are working for plays an important role when it comes to salary. The top service- based companies offering a higher remuneration for Javascript developers is Accenture, Amazon, Tata Consultancy Service, Cognizant and Infosys. When one talks about product- based companies, Javascript developer salary is higher compared to service- based companies. The popular product bases companies like Amazon, Directi, and several other high value product- based startups like Yulu, Ola, Uber, etc. are likely to pay higher remuneration to Javascript developers.

Prospects of a Javascript Developer

These were the most important factors to determine Javascript developer salary in India. It is a good time to become a Javascript developer in India. The language is high in demand and offers highly paid and diverse roles. The products are constantly improving and with the roll-out of updates and features, enhancement of functionality, improvement in backend and frontend, Javascript become a major part of product lifecycle.

If you aspire to be a Javascript developer, extensive knowledge and understanding of the programming language is mandatory. Along with it, a developer should also have knowledge of other concepts of Javascript such as proficiency in browser rendering behaviour. It is also preferable to have experience in frontend tools and JavaScript libraries along with a sound understanding of languages, tools and technologies of web such as HTML5, CSS3 and bootstrap and jQuery frameworks.

We can just say that it is just the right time to learn the language of Javascript and become a proficient Javascript developer and grab a job in your dream company. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds. The industry is competitive and you have to be very efficient and skilled in order to achieve your dreams. Enrolling yourself in a professional course is one of the best ways to learn all the tools and technologies of web development and stay updated with the trends of the industry.

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