Must have Front End Developer Skills in 2020

October 19,2020 - 8 min read
skills required of a front end developer

Web development refers to the process of creating a website or a web application right from scratch. The end product of a web development process is a customised according to the user. You can read more about web development in this blog. There are many tools and technologies that are used to create a website, for example, HTML, CSS, Javascript for front end development and languages like PHP, Python etc. are used in the back end development of a website.

Front end development and back end development are integral parts of web development. Both sets of processes are required in order to build a website that is functional, dynamic, interactive and attractive. We have discussed extensively about each of them in our earlier blogs. We talked about the skills required for backend development in this blog and similarly in today's blog we are going to talk about the skills required to become a front end developer. We will begin with first getting an overview of front end development and then proceed with the top skills required to become one in 2020.

What is Front end development?

The front end also known as client-side is basically the interface that is displayed to the user. The whole process of building a front-end is intended to display the information in an attractive way to the user. Over the years, the toolkit for front end development has considerably changed. It has advanced and has become a creative way to attract a large audience and display as much information in a concise way. Front end developers are responsible for dealing with the visual elements of the website. They are backed by back end Developers who ensure the proper functionality of the website.

Now that we have garnered enough knowledge about front end development, let's begin by looking at the few skills that are essential for a front end web developer in 2020.


The first in our list is HTML and CSS. A frontend developer is highly recommended to be fluent in HTML. It is the structure of any website. CSS is the language that is responsible for styling the structure prepared by HTML. A good knowledge of both these languages gives you the flexibility to build some basic websites and applications. Javascript is the next step that makes the website more interactive. We would talk about Javascript later in the blog. HTML and CSS are almost like mandatory languages for people who are keen in making a career in frontend development. HTML and CSS help in building the presentation on the page and hence is very important. If you already well versed in HTML, here is a list of HTML questions that might help you in cracking interviews. You can learn more about CSS in this article.


As discussed above, HTML is a mark-up language and CSS is the style sheet. JavaScript is the language that is used to make the website interactive. Javascript determines the function of elements that are described in HMTL and styled in CSS. In today’s day and age, websites are not just a collection of static web pages. They are required to be interactive and dynamic. Javascript adds features like scrolling boxes, page animations etc. Javascript was initially a front end scripting language however with the advent of Nodejs and other such frameworks, Javascript has become important in the back end scenario also. But, Javascript continues to be an important language in the front end world. Javascript is necessary for front end developers to learn, practice and excel at.

CSS and Javascript Frameworks

We have already discussed CSS and JavaScript are a significant part of frontend development. But here’s the thing, it’s not only the languages that you need to know but also the collection of frameworks and libraries that the language supports. Frameworks and libraries can be thought as CSS or JavaScript tools that makes the process of developing applications a lot easier and more efficient.

That basically means that developers don’t need to write every functionality from scratch, they can take help from the frameworks and libraries. They provide codes in the form of components e,g. some of the frameworks may provide components for functionalities like logging in to a website or search bar. There are different frameworks for CSS and Javascript and come with their particular strengths and weaknesses. It’s important to make an informed decision regarding which framework is the best choice for the type of application that you’re building.

Bootstrap UI framework is a very popular CSS framework. It is used to speed up building page structures with ready-to-use components. Another popular JavaScript framework is Angular. It helps developers to deliver highly-performance and fast applications. A Popular Javascript library is React developed by Facebook which helps in building highly efficient and scalable applications. It is used to create reusable UI components and this approach helps in creating complex and dynamic web and mobile user interface. React is backed by one of the largest community of developers supporting it. jQuery is another Javascript library that makes the development easier.

All these frameworks and libraries are best to save time and make applications that the match the standard and attract a huge audience across the globe.

Developer Tools

It’s essential that he or she knows how to use the most software development tools. The work of a frontend developer is complicated and hence version control is very important. Version control is basically tracking and controlling changes in the source code. There are different version control software available out there. Git, is one such software. It is an open-source tool that tracks the changes. It allows you to go back to previous versions of your work and find out what went wrong, without going through the entire code again.

Web Performance

We have covered the basics of Frontend development, while these are essential but not enough to become an efficient front end developer. You need other skills as well in order to make industry-level applications. One such skill is Automation. Automation tools are very helpful when it comes to enhancing performance and saving time. Frontend developers are required to be skilled in automation tools and web performance to make their applicatons more effecient. It’s important because applications that are slow, users spend less than ten seconds to exit. If the application s slow to load then even if it’s amazingly built with an attractive user interface, it will not attract a huge audience.

Frontend developers should be well trained to improve web performance by various methods. Optimizing images or optimising code by removing all the unnecessary character without changing its functionality of the code, are some ways in which website can be optimised.

Automation tools such as Grunt or gulp help in optimizing web performance by optimizing images and other tasks so that developers don’t have to spend much time.


Since frontend developers need to be creative as well because they need to come up with creative solutions to the most common user interface problems. Their basic responsibility is to work with existing elements while coming up with new solutions.

Frontend developers should have a creative mind and the ability to adapt to new tools and technologies because just like in any other area of software development, the trends in frontend development are also constantly changing. Frontend developers should keep up with the recent developments in the world of front end and be creative enough to imbibe the latest tools and technologies in their project.

Communication Skills

Communication is important any job profile in every industry and especially Frontend developers need to be good communicators because they are right in the middle of the development process. They work together with a number of developers and designers. From UI/UX designers to backend developers and a number of other profiles in an organisation. Social skills such as communication is highly appreciable in a front end developer.

Effective communication skills are essential for working in a team. Frontend developers should possess the valuable skill of clear communication and the ability to express what they have in mind.


This is essential for any professional out there and hence it is important for front end developers also. They need to be skilled collaborators so that the end product is best in quality. Effective teamwork is part of a frontend developer’s everyday life. A web application is a result of effective communication with the client also with the entire project team. Frontend developers shall support all developers, engineers and designers in the team so that the workflow shall be optimized and the end product shall be delivered quickly.

Here we come to the end of the list of skills required for front end development. This was our effort to cover almost every skill essential for front end development. These were some of the basic skills that are required to grab a job as a front end developer. However, in order to work as a successful front end developer in any organization, continuous learning and hard work is essential.

In this blog, we tried to cover some of the basic skills important for front end development but if you feel we missed out on something important or didn’t understand any concept, we would love to hear from you.

Both front-end developers and back-end developers have their own importance in the market and no one profile is more important is more important as compared to another. Each of these developers possess some skills that are prominent to the development of application and hence both are valuable in the I.T industry. Here, in this blog we have covered some of the essential skills of a front end developer.

While we have covered almost every skill that is required to be a front end developer. However, theoretical knowledge is necessary but not sufficient in any profile and the field of IT industry is same. If you want to make a lucrative career as a front end developer, a practical, professional and industry like training is a must. Make sure you start your journey as a front end developer now under right guidance.

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