Top 10 Frameworks for Web Development

October 24,2020 - 8 min read
top 10 frameworks for web development

Web development is the process of building an application. It is a name given to the process that consists of every step that is required for developing a website or a web application. You can learn more about web development in this blog.

Frameworks in the world of web development are basically predefined code that developers can use while building an application. In simple terms, frameworks simplify the complex task of making a task from scratch. In today's day and age where the standard of technology is rising every day, the intricacies of the technologies behind them are also rising and the use of frameworks have become immensely popular.

Frameworks are endorsed by thousands of developers across the globe simply because it is an easy way of building rich and interactive web applications that otherwise was a very cumbersome task. In this blog we are going to discuss the top 10 frameworks for web development.

A web application or a website has a front end and back end. The front end usually deals with user interface and the visual part of the website. On the other hand, back end development deals with the functioning of the website that is hidden from the user. You can learn more about the difference between frontend and backend development in this article. Today, in this blog we are going to discuss both front end and back end development. Let's begin with our list of best frameworks for web development.

  1. Express

    Express is a Nodejs framework that provides some of the core and necessary functionalities of a typical software. The popularity of accelerated in the last few years. Big names in the IT industry like IBM, Uber etc. are using Express as a prominent layer in their stack of technology. One of the major benefits of Express is that it is compatible with other frameworks such as Kraken, Sails, and Loopback.

    According to the official website Express is a minimal, fast, and unopinionated framework. Express does not hide the features of Nodejs rather it leverages the robust performance of the asynchronous Node.js. Express has many advantages and thus it is quite popular in the developer community. Apart from being flexible and robust back end framework, Express supports full applications as well as REST API. If you wish to know more about Express as a Nodejs framework, you can always refer to this article.

  2. Django

    Django is an important framework for web development. It's basically a Python framework. This Model-View-Template framework is used by some of the biggest and the most popular technological companies such as Google, Youtube, and Instagram.

    Django has a couple of features which sets it apart from others. Authentication and messaging are included in Django which makes it quite popular. Django follows the Convention Over Configuration and the DRY pattern. Django provides techniques and tools to developers so that they can build a secure website. Django encourage developers to implements security features, security is an essential part of any application made with Django.

  3. Rails

    Rails is a ruby framework. It's basically a MVC (Model-View-Controller) framework. It's popularly known as Ruby on Rails. Several companies like Airbnb, GitHub, Hulu, and Shopify depend on Rails for their technological demands. Rails is one of the most favourite frameworks amongst young developers simply because it is a beginner-friendly framework. If you are intimidated about the complex world of web development then Ruby helps you get started quickly and efficiently.

    Ruby has rich libraries and dependencies that extend the functionalities of an application and makes the process of development faster and more efficient. Ruby in Rails also has a reliable community support across the world. There is no dearth of resources, tutorials and error helps on the world wide web. A good community support also makes Ruby one of the most beginner friendly framework out there.

  4. Laravel

    PHP is one of the most used language in backend development. Laravel is a MVC (Model view controller) framework for PHP. Laravel is a relatively young framework when compared to other frameworks on this list. Laravel boast a reliable API support and a good number of packages. Laravel is not a very performance-oriented framework when it comes to back end development but it's quite beginner friendly! With a plethora of resources on the web, beginners can easily master this back-end framework.

  5. Spring

    Java is probably the most popular Language in the world of programming. In web development, Java is usually used as a backend language. Spring is a MVC framework for Java. Spring is also supported by an array of companies.

    Spring is popular for performance and scale. It leverages the development of your business application. If you know Java and if you are comfortable in working with Java then learning and developing in Spring would not pose any major issues.

  6. Angular

    Angular is a front-end framework that builds an easy and attractive user interface. It’s a vibrant and popular framework that builds the complete client-side version of the application right from scratch. Angular offers a wide variety of tools and technologies and it is upon the developer to use their imagination to make the most of Angular. One of the reasons, Angular is immensely popular is that it was developed by Google.

  7. React

    React is very popular in the world of front-end web development! However, there is a debate whether React is a framework or a library. Going by facts, React is a library but many developers believe it to be a framework. React follows the component-based architecture and virtual DOM (Document object model). Virtual DOM makes the manipulation in DOM quicker and easier. React is popular as a front-end framework however it could be used as a server-side framework also. React is developed and maintained by Facebook, and it used by Facebook and almost all its subsidiaries like Instagram.

    Some of the most important thing in React that will help you develop scalable React applications is the Reactjs lifecycle methods. You can read more about React in this blog. There is another blog which talks about hooks in React.

  8. Flask

    Flask is a fast and dynamic web -development frameworks based on Python. Flask is generally used as a framework for operating web applications through diverse devices. It also has a Unicode-based maintenance. Flask is an easy to learn framework. It also has a great documentation which can beginners as well as experienced developers. Fancy names such as Pinterest and LinkedIn use Flask.

  9. Ember

    Ember is one of the most dynamic Javascript framework. It is open source and some of the big companies like Google, Microsoft, Netflix etc. relies on Ember for their ever-growing technology demands. Ember also enjoys an enormous community support. The development community of Ember keeps adding new features and releasing new version which make the developing of high quality and trending applications easier and efficient.

    Ember comes with a lot of features like the two-way data binding and reusable components which helps in creating complex applications. Ember maximizes the developer’s productivity and by eliminating the need for time-wasting activities. It adopts some best practices of Javascript in its core design.

  10. Backbone

    Backbone is another Javascript framework. As the name suggests, it is a very useful framework that provides the structure of any web application. It is basically a light weight front-end framework. Backbone is considered to be a good framework for beginners as it allows the easy development of applications using Javascript functions. It allows client-side development in an efficient manner. It also contains libraries and extensions that eases the manufacturing of website and web applications.

These were the top 10 frameworks for web development that the big companies in the industry uses. If the number of frameworks intimidate you or you are facing the problem the plenty then just pick any one of them and start your journey in the world of web development. Young developers waste a lot of time in choosing a framework that is in most demand. It is suggested to not follow this dark path that leads to nowhere. Big companies out there are flexible and they keep on moving from one framework to another. It’s more important to understand how frameworks are used in the process of developing an application.

If you think we missed some important and emerging frameworks for web development, please feel free to get in touch with us. We love getting engaged in discussions with emerging and enthusiastic technocrats.

We discussed some of the best frameworks for web development that the leading technology companies are using. In case, you are inspired and you really want to try your hand at one of these frameworks and develop applications that match the level of top-notch companies.

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