Top 10 Web Development Trends in 2021

February 8,2021 - 9 min read
Top 7 Web Development Trends in 2021

We are living in an age of excellence and innovation where technology continues to evolve in order to complete tasks faster and with more flair than they did before. One domain that registers high growth in innovation and technology in web development.

Web developers all over the globe are looking ahead to discovering new technologies to create opportunities that help in increasing reach and hence expanding businesses. Companies across the industry are doing their best to keep up with the latest web development trends.

If you are an aspiring developer you should keep up with all the latest web development trends. It is not necessary to have experience in all technologies, however, you should have a concrete idea of all that is happening in the web development industry. In this blog we discuss, the top 7 web development trends in 2021.

While there are a plethora of new technologies that are used in web development, in this blog we talk about seven of the most popular web development trends in 2021. Let’s get started!

  1. Less Coding, More Development

    In recent years, there has been a rise in tools that help you build applications with less or sometimes no code. This software has made the entire task of developing a website much easier. People with no or less experience in coding can build useful applications without writing complex code with the help of these tools. They are not only useful for beginners but also for experienced developers as they use these tools to streamline workflows and hence reduce their workloads so that they can focus on other tasks.

    The tools that are offering development with no or less coding are lowering the barrier to enter the world of web development as developers. These tools have visual programming interfaces with drag and drop tools that are extremely advantageous for those who have never written a line of code. This trend looks like a major transformation; however, no-code tool has not fully established itself yet.

    No-code tools have already grown a lot in 2020 and are envisaged to develop and grow further in 2021. However, a lot of work has to be done in this sector in order to fully utilize the benefits of tools that allow software development without any real coding by the end user. There are a couple of potential market leaders in this sector that are growing in popularity and in 2021, we could see one or more of these tools establish themselves in the industry.

  2. Research

    As an organisation, you should explore the entire product development lifecycle and look for time-consuming manual tasks that your IT team is currently working on. These are the areas where you should integrate low code tools into your workflows and hence help them optimize and reduce the time wasted on such tasks. These tools can also expand the web development team and share the workload as members with less technical knowledge can complete a couple of tasks without any hassles.

  3. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

    Artificial intelligence has been around for more than a few years now. It is not only limited to the companies but has also entered our houses. Over these years, we have seen significant leaps in the capability of Artificial intelligence (AI). These technologies started as theoretical concepts but have now accelerated to full use cases in real life.

    Some of the most popular companies like YouTube, Google uses AI along with ML to create subtitles, understand better how a website user behaves, or enabling a machine to have a full conversation with the end user.

    In web development, some of the most popular examples of AI and ML are chatbots, recommendation engines, and SaaS tools that help make employees' lives much easier.

    Companies should leverage AI and ML by assessing the current business workflows and determine if there is an avenue where AI or ML can be incorporated. There are many business processes that can be automated with the help of AI and thus save a lot of resources like time and labour and become an efficient company.

  4. Cybersecurity

    With the advent of technology, the vulnerability of online presence also increases. Hackers have more opportunities or platforms to perform a malware or other cyber attacks.

    Denial of Service, commonly known as DOS attack has been increased in the past few years. Also, there is another attack known as the Distributed Denial of Service where the hacker overwhelms a targeted server with a flood of malicious internet traffic and hence, at the end, the users end up with hours of downtime and loss of revenue.

    As more companies come online, they also invest more into cybersecurity in order to protect themselves. One important web development trend in 2021 will be cybersecurity in order to protect the company and customer’s information.

    Companies should regularly conduct a vulnerability assessment and start building a strong cybersecurity ecosystem by adapting general measures like putting up firewalls and determining the current vulnerabilities. You should secure your remote access and ensure that all data is encrypted for employees using VPNs. Another aspect of cybersecurity can be strong multi-factor authentication by limiting access to certain areas of website or any digital platform to improve your overall security. Hence cybersecurity can be an important web development trend in 2021.

  5. UX/UI design

    Back in the day, websites were just a collection of a particular kind of information. Nowadays, websites also have to be aesthetically pleasing. Developers are now emphasising on the user interface and UX/ UI is the sector waiting to be explored.

    Now when a user visits a particular website, they don’t want to waste time in figuring out where they exactly want to end up. In today’s time, websites need to be interactive and hence UX/UI design comes into picture. Website design basically helps to create an intuitive interface that guides users, telling them what to do and all about the important areas of the particular website.

  6. Motion UI Design

    Motion UI is all about the use of visual cues that creates a more fluid and enjoyable user experience. It also allows web applications to interact with users. Companies should adopt motion UI design to guide their visitors and hence benefit their business.

    Nowadays, websites use simple animations and other visual guides to improve the user experience that keeps the user engaged and have a wonderful experience while surfing the particular website.

  7. Cloud Computing

    Cloud computing is a big thing in the world of technology! In 2020, most of the work in the IT sector was remote. The growth of remote work wouldn't have been possible without cloud computing. This trend of public cloud services is projected to only grow by billions in 2021.

    In 2020, several top tech companies announced that they would be shifting to remote-first and hence you can expect that new cloud computing advancements will come up and the industry would only grow. Many businesses shifted or are projected to shift their entire operations online and hence cloud computing further has reasons not to slow down.

    Companies with a pertinent digital strategy for the future, consider building a private cloud infrastructure or taking a multi-cloud approach.

  8. API-first development

    We discussed a lot of web development trends, these new applications or technologies, the need to connect them continues to increase. These newer devices, interfaces or tools that contain APIs that enable them to connect to each other.

    Earlier, the trend was to focus on the product first and then the fact that they need to be connected. However, now companies look for ways to increase interconnectivity.

    With the development that focuses on API, the focus is on users and other developmental benefits such as parallel work, reducing costs and increasing speed.

    API-first design is the latest web development trend in 2021 that is envisaged to grow in the upcoming years. Companies should now move to building all custom applications using API-first design and also include proper API documentation so that all members of the team can understand how to connect with your application. Documentation is very important for any tech stack as it makes a developer’s life easier.

  9. Internet of Things

    IoT is the next big thing in the world technology and it has been spreading its magic all across domains. IoT is important and has been instrumental in bringing technology in the lives of people.

    IoT is actively helping the web development industry as it integrates smoothly with other technologies and also assists the process of web development in rendering webpages.

    The advent of IoT in web development is useful in analysing data from a variety of sources. IoT is very important in important data sensing and collection along with the connection or interconnectivity of devices. IoT also helps in interaction with multiple user interfaces and is also useful in predicting future behaviour. An important utility of IoT is to secure data transmission and hence helps in keeping the private information of the company or customers safe.

  10. Innovation

    Innovation is the ever-green skill in any domain and web development is no different. If you want to excel as a web developer, innovation is something you can’t miss. Hence, keep innovating and keep developing wonderful, interactive websites and web applications.

This blog was a compilation of Top 7 Web Development Trends in 2021. As mentioned above, there is a plethora of web development trends, the ones mentioned above are only the top seven. We hope the list helps you learn and explore some of the most trending web development technologies of the upcoming years.

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