Top Tech Trends Post COVID-19

October 20,2020 - 5 min read
top tech trends post COVID-19

The world is hit by an unprecedented pandemic. In October 2020, we are struggling to return to normalcy. COVID-19, apart from being a major health emergency, was an economic and social disaster also. Millions of people lost their jobs, major industries witnessed negative growth and poverty, hunger and livelihood crisis aggregated the misery of COVID-19.

While the global pandemic was a signal for danger for most industries, it was not the same with the IT industry. Technology proved to be the most useful in this crisis situation. Many offices were able to function only because technology made work from home possible, the government too took much help from a diverse range of technological solutions and even the spread of the infection was contained, regulated and kept under check by various technological applications.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, we saw technology growing at an accelerated pace. With the shifts it brought upon so many companies, it is a good time to consider how COVID-19 impacted the biggest technological trends for 2020.

We have prepared a comprehensive list of how COVID-19 has changed the technological landscape. In the recent months some technologies have been in demand and hence their development in the industry has increased. The big companies are upscaling and innovating on new ways they can work on technologies that are the need of the hour and at the same time there is no dearth of start-ups that have come into existence because of the pandemic.

It is also important to keep in mind that these technologies will not go off radar, once there is a vaccine! These technological solutions are here to stay and positively disrupt the way we live. Let’s have a look at top 10 trends post COVID-19.

  1. AI and Machine Learning

    Even before the pandemic had hit, data grew at an exponential rate. In this 21st century data is so essential that it is considered to be the new oil. However, data without technology to analyse it, is useless. AI and machine learning basically solves this problem and deals with structured data.

    The demand for artificial Intelligence, machine learning and automations exploded in recent months as businesses turned to this technology to gain easy and intelligent insights into their data. The technology basically captures, manages and visualises data to get some real foresight. Technologies that are backed by AI and artificial language are scalable, convenient and flaunt great speed.

    Artificial intelligence and machine learning are backed some of the giants in the tech industry. Established companies like Google, IBM, Microsoft and AWS are putting in massive investment.

    Artificial intelligence and machine learning are technologies that are leveraging businesses and organisations to upscale their operations. More so, during COVID-19 when we try to use more of the data to keep people at home while schools and workplaces operate remotely, AI and ML will continue to be a shining star.

  2. Blockchain

    Blockchain is incredibly popular post and pre COVID-19. It is basically a chain of blocks that contains information. It is popularly term used in cryptocurrency like bitcoin. Apart from being popular, the technology of blockchain is bankable and secure as once the data is inside the block chain, it becomes very difficult to access it.

    Outside of the world of crypto currency also, block chain proves to be very useful. Especially in the midst of a pandemic when global supply chain is disturbed and the economy is in a bad shape, block chains can come to rescue.

    Blockchains have the ability to fix supply chains by processing and verifying transactions quickly. You can imagine blockchain as a catalyst in the whole process of a supply chain. This technology has a huge potential in fixing what is damaged. Block chain will definitely remain one of the top tech trends post COVID-19.

  3. RPA

    RPA that basically stands for Robotic Process Automation is a software that allows automation of labor-intensive tasks. There are several ways in which RPA can be used successfully, efficiently and hence effectively. This branch of the IT industry has found its way in industries functioning in varied sectors. Be it a product manufacturer or a cloud provider, automation is like a new trend everybody wants to follow.

    In the pandemic where human contact was suddenly prohibited, RPA proved to be a pretty useful! Different use cases of automation like the chatbot, automated software etc. proved to be pretty useful. RPA will continue to grow at an accelerated place even after the virus disappears as it offers much more.

    Intelligent automation applied to your company ensures completion of given tasks with almost zero error rate and at a much less time than a human employee would. Upon deployment of automation, there is one more benefit that a company incurs and that is major cost cutting. With the deployment of RPA, processing costs can be reduced up to a whopping 80%. Companies, organizations and business are set to gauge this untapped reservoir of huge opportunities to disrupt the market with their ideas. RPA will remain one of the most trending technologies post COVID -19.

  4. Cloud computing

    Cloud computing has contributed so much positively to the pandemic situation. It has enabled work from home, online classes, virtual meetings and much more. Companies were efficient and flexible enough to adapt to the changing technological needs of people and organisations.

    Businesses and organisations are likely to continue to make use of the cloud computing technology the virtual world has many benefits than just ones that are evidently visible. Cost cutting and time save are just some of them. The demand for this technology would continue to grow and for companies dealing in cloud computing, sky is the limit.


    The world of IoT is like an untapped reservoir of opportunities. From home automation to intelligent healthcare devices, IoT is one of most emerging technologies of the 21st century.

    The pandemic though has made us realize the importance of IoT and hence there is a huge potential for developers and companies in the field of IoT. IoT has helped healthcare workers across the world to deal with health issues of their patients from a distance. The world of IoT has immense possibilities and more than technology creativity and fresh ideas play a huge role in developing IoT devices.

    In today’s day and age where people are spending majority of their time at home, IoT devices are a great help. They make lives better and more comfortable. Internet of Things will be a top tech trend post COVID-19.


    We talked about so many technologies and each one of them is as essential to the world around. Each of these technologies is contributing to the world hit by pandemic but what we often forget is the fact that when it comes to internet, security is a major concern.

    One of the biggest concerns of work from home was the risk of private data becoming vulnerable. The pandemic was one of the biggest reasons why people are understanding the importance of cybersecurity. Companies are working tirelessly to ensure that their data is secure. The importance of cyber security will make it one of the most trending technologies post COVID-19.

  7. 5G

    The pandemic has made it clear that everyone across the globe wants faster connectivity, both at home and in the workplace. COVID-19 has intensified the demand of secure and reliable connection as well-connected offices are replaced by homes. Hence, we need better networks to keep everyone connected reliably despite the virus.

    Telecom companies are on track to deliver or exceed their coveted 5G implementation goals.

    The 5G technology is for sure not slowed at all by COVID-19 rather it has gotten a big push. 5G technology would be the most trending and in-demand technology post COVID-19.

  8. WiFi 6

    5G and WiFi 6 working in concert creates the perfect end-to-end combination of ultra-fast connectivity for home and office. There is nothing much to say about WiFi 6 but just that it would be a big boon it there is a successful implementation. WiFi 6 has the capability to be the most in-demand tech trend post COVID-19.

  9. Web Development

    Web development is one of the most basic technology but it’s still more than relevant and useful in the industry. Companies are growing, both in, number and scale every day and while they use every fancy technology at their end, the only way to mark their presence online across the globe is through a website.

    The pandemic has intensified the need of even small businesses ro come online and hence web developers are in great demand. Web development is like an evergreen technology and would remain in trend for years to come.

    The field of web development has front end, back end developers and full stack developers who are responsible for building a website. You can learn more about web development here. Web development will definitely remain as one of the top tech trends post COVID-19.

  10. Web Design

    Web design is another important process in the whole process bid building a website or a web application. It deals with the visual aspect of the website. Web designers are concerned with creating a design for the website that attracts the user and makes for a seamless user interface. Web developers are often confused with web designers, you can read more about the difference of web developers and web design here . The reason for web design to be in trend post COVID-19 is the same as web development. The pandemic has emphasized on the importance of an attractive online presence and hence web designers face an all-time high demand.

These were the top 10 tech trends post COVID that are going to positively change the way we live. If you think we missed some of the most important and emerging tech trends post COVID, please feel free to express your views. We love having engaging discussions with emerging technocrats.

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