User Experience Design Track

An professional program that teaches you how to craft beautiful and interactive user experiences in web and mobile worlds.

Engage in real client work, collaborating with designers, stakeholders, and developers to execute the UX design process from start to finish.


“Design is not what it looks like and feels like, Design is how it works”

An unparalleled User Experience Design Course

Konfinity's UX design curriculum goes deeper than most college degrees and coding bootcamps.

You'll learn how to use industry standard tools like Photoshop, Canva, Illutrator, as well as how to conceptualize the entire UX design process. Finally, you'll learn the fundamentals of building real and slick user experiences and product wireframes for the web or mobile.


At Konfinity, we won't only teach you to design user experiences, but also how to build them.

World-class Instructors

Konfinity instructors are dedicated, full-time, expert engineers who literally wrote the books and curriculum used all over the world by thousands of schools and professors.

  • Additional Benifits
  • Your Daily Scheule
  • A close and diverse community
  • Real Time, Active Learning
  • Industry standards, Quality Code
  • A multidimensional learning experience
  • Secure your dream job

You don't pay anything unless you get a great job.

You'll only begin paying tuition after you have a job that pays over INR 15 lakhs per year and utilizes the skills you learned at Konfinity.

If you can't get a high-paying job using the skills you've gained, you'll never pay a penny.

Hands on Experience on real world projects

Konfinity students learn cutting-edge tools for data science, adopting best practices in the Python ecosystem. In the curriculum, they analyze data large and small and build reproducible analyses and data-powered systems.

Student stories

  • Apoorv Gupta

    “I joined Konfinity, when I was a second year student. I was losing my interest in programming and not sure what else to do. Konfinity helps me in discovering my new passion by encouraging me to think out of the box solutions to solve real- world problems. The projects helped in understanding the complexities of working on large software products in teams. These six months transformed my career and helped me in securing a job as a front end developer (React JS) at Classplus, Noida.”

  • Yash Madhurendra

    "I joined Konfinity after my first semester which allowed me to learn real-world projects. The learning environment there made an impact on my skill temperament and I must say that the team is very helpful and supportive due to which I mastered each concept from beginner to advanced. The training at Konfinity helped me at every step from identifying my weakness as well as my strong areas which helped me to learn essential skills and now I am placed in Wolters Kluwer, Gurgaon.”


Konfinity has innovated a new model of higher education in which the system invests in the students, instead of the other way around. Attending Konfinity can be completely free up-front (no deposit, no down-payment), and students pay back a portion of their income after they find a high-paying job.

If, for some reason, a student is unable to find a job with a salary above INR 15 Lakhs per year, they are not required to pay anything.