Ways to Beat Job Recession and Build a Successful COVID-Proof Coding Career

November 24,2020 - 6 min read
Ways to beat job recession and build a successful Covid-proof coding career

From early this year, the world has been affected by a deadly virus that forced us to be locked down inside of our homes. WHO termed it as 'Pandemic' and issued guidelines for keeping the virus away and tackling it carefully if unfortunately it clings on you. At first, it looked like a medical emergency but as months passed, we realised that it took a toll on our mental health, social relations and the economy as well.

The pandemic forces businesses to shut down and hence employment was at an all- time low. There was news all around about how employees were kicked off their jobs and it created panic amongst job seekers and as well as experienced professionals. This period of job recession was a turbulent time for everyone but we have to get up and start a new journey.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the uncertainty of job in the pandemic and also in the post COVID economy. We would also strategize on the various Ways to beat job recession and build a successful COVID-proof coding career. Let’s get started with our journey towards beating job recession and building a successful COVID-proof coding career.

Understanding the Job Recession

The coronavirus pandemic has caused economy to lose more than 20 million jobs, and hence the unemployment rate in the country could be very high. While, the primary reason of unemployment is the virus, experts suggest that workers lose their jobs again as they fear the second wave of the deadly virus. There may also be voluntary employment also as workers fear the risk of infection.

The economy is also suffering from a significant reduction in demand and hence a number of industries belonging to different domains are shutting down or are on the brink of it. Governments of various countries have taken effective and proactive measures but they don’t seem to be enough until and unless a miracle happens in the medical industry.

There have been economic studies around the revival of economy post-COVID and they don’t seem to be too hopeful. Countries across the globe are struggling to get their economy back on track, give jobs to millions of unemployed and get the market going in full capacity. While the government is doing its best, it’s time you should pull up your socks too.

If we study industry trends in pandemic, it is observed that the only sector which was booming was that of IT. Big technological companies and even tech start- ups registered a growing demand of their products and services while other were struggling to sustain. If you are a student, beginner or a professional who is looking for a change in career, coding is the option to go with!

In this blog, we share tips to build to beat Job Recession and build a successful COVID-proof coding career.

Beating the Job Recession

Now that we have understood the COVID-19 pandemic affected job recession, it’s also important to know that the pandemic also created new opportunities and hence you can take advantage to accelerate your career. While it may not be the best time, we are here to tell you that it’s neither the worst. Here is a guide or a compilation of simple tips that you can follow to sail through the pandemic and build a successful career post it.

Beginning a career

In order to begin your career in coding, first find out the potential companies that are hiring and are still creating new roles in their organisation. Don’t panic just because there is a large number of people without jobs. If you search, you would find companies which have ramped up hiring to meet the demand created by the pandemic. Most of them are technological companies or even e-commerce portals are vigorously hiring to meet the demand of customers who are preferring to shop from the comfort of their homes.

Here are a few tips and tricks to upskill yourself, get to know about the tech industry and get yourself a job as a coder, programmer or a developer.

  • Develop Skills

    Before applying for jobs, you need to focus on developing new skills that are in demand. If you are submitting resume after resume without getting any positive result, it is time you start acquiring new skills that will make your candidature more attractive.

    The pandemic should teach us the importance of learning new skills. Many white-collar workers who were laid off might be looking for lower-level jobs that are deemed for people with maybe less credentials or less experience. This is the time when these workers should spend time in exploring themselves and learn new skills and empower themselves so much that they not only get a job but get one that exceeds their expectations. One such skill that they can learn is coding. The best way to achieve this is free online coding.

  • Networking

    Making professional contact with people who are already employed in your dream company is going to serve you exponentially better than you sending out multiple resumes unnecessarily. In this virtual world you can connect easily with people on virtual meetings over Zoom or Google Hangouts. LinkedIn is a dedicated portal for connecting with job seekers like you and recruiters across the globe. Don’t be ashamed to be make professional connections and ask for help or references.

  • A Coding Career

    We earlier mentioned why a career in coding is the best to choose amidst the pandemic. Let’s look at a coding career from a different perspective. Even if the pandemic would not have benefitted the IT industry, coding still was a great good skill, better career and the best habit for sharpening the human mind.

    It is a popular slogan which suggests that anyone can learn the basics of programming. However, the question we have to ask ourselves is, can everyone achieve a career in software development? The answer to this question would obviously vary from person to person but one thing to keep in mind while pursuing a career in coding is ‘Hard Work’. Don’t trust the so-called experts or gurus who promise you an easy path to a six figures salary in coding. This is a complete lie and often just a clickbait title for a YouTube video or a blog, they don’t really have the best of intentions.

    Learning to code is a remarkably long, difficult and a demanding process. Coding requires you to assimilate a different way of thinking and looking at things. Be prepared to spend countless hours trying to understand difficult topics, debugging applications and preparing arduous projects.

    But here is to tell you that not all is bad. Coding is pretty interesting and if you start dabbling with programming, you might soon decide to make it your career. Chances are that you would start enjoying the challenges and the intellectual stimulation that coding has to offer.

    The best thing about coding is that it can get you a job without a proper qualification. Also, there are so many stories of people changing their career even in their forties or dropping their education to pursue coding and land the job they dream of. If you are unsure about affording education, coding is the best option to go with. However, an engineering degree may give more credibility to your candidature

  • Career Path

    There has to be a definite and strategic career path to land your dram job as a coder. Do not just start working, invest proper time in strategizing the right career path as a coder. There are certain steps that you have to follow before diving in the career of coding.

    The first step is to choose your specialisation. While coding is a general term, there are plenty of different options for aspirants. Coding is what you start with but not end with. If you become a professional coder, you might want to choose a specialised career path. Ask yourself if you are interest in Web Development or you aspire to program games or you would like to explore Cloud Development or Artificial Intelligence.

    If you want to become a web developer, there are divisions in it also. Front- end development revolves around HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

    You can visit this blog to know more about Front- end development. Back- end development is another aspect of web development; you can refer to this article. If you are interested in a career which has the best of both the fields, full stack development is the right choice for you. You can read more about it in this article.

  • Choosing Projects

    Projects are the most important thing in your journey of finding a career in coding. Projects, besides being vital to learning the basics of coding, are also the best way to introduce yourself to your potential recruiter and especially if you have no formal experience or a degree to show. When deciding a project, the sky is the limit. The best thing about coding projects is how it allows you to do whatever your imagination pushes you to do as long as you are capable of it.

    One of the best ways to showcase your projects is to be active on Github. You should definitely open an account and use it to connect with enthusiastic technocrats, if you already haven’t. A link to your Github account also adds credibility to your resume as it gives the recruiter a chance to look at all your projects, understand them and hence judge you on your skills in the best way possible.

Here’s to a Brighter Future

If you have read the entire blog and reached here, we are sure you are headed towards a brighter future if you resolve to follow all the steps listed above. While, we know that you are going to make a very good coding career for yourself, we thought of helping you in your professional journey.

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