Full Stack Web Development Path

A complete guide to teach you the foundations of both Front End and Back End development of web applications. Learn how to develop effective and captivating websites using the latest web development tools and practices. Our expert authors guide you through development and testing via easy-to-follow web development courses.

“Training the next generation of tech workforce”

Konfinity's hybrid learning programme goes deeper than most college curriculum .

You'll program in several languages and frameworks (including JavaScript, Python, ReactJS and NodeJS).

You will learn to understand programming from its most fundamental levels and will eventually move on to designing Frontend, backend, servers, databases, APIs, and many more. From creating small components to constructing complex applications, You will conquer it all.


Konfinity trains students not only to deploy simple applications, but to understand what is happening under the surface.

Globally accepted curriculum and staff

Curated by our expert team from IIT Delhi, our curriculum imparts hands-on, real-world experience taught by instructors from Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and more. Konfinity instructors are dedicated, expert engineers well- endowed with the skills required to bridge the gap between education and employment

  • Additional Benefits
  • Your Daily Schedule
  • A close and diverse Community
  • Real Time, Active Learning
  • Industry standards, Quality Code
  • A multidimensional learning experience
  • Secure your dream job

You don't pay anything unless you get a great job.

You'll only begin paying tuition after you have a job that pays over INR 15 lakhs per year and utilizes the skills you learned at Konfinity.

If you can't get a high-paying job using the skills you've gained, you'll never pay a penny.

Hands on Experience on real world projects

Konfinity students learn full-stack development on some of the most advanced and in-demand technologies in the software ecosystem. By the end of your journey, you will have built your own distinguished portfolio on diverse technologies and markets

Trusted by Students

  • Sanyam Chugh

    “I was in my first year when I have joined Konfinity and I observed a change in myself that was unmatched. I started leading a group of people because of my skills. The environment at the place makes sure that you start to love technology rather than cram it. “Skills” are what make a person better and what are drilled in me with a consistent focus on keeping a balance between discipline and learning. Their guidance helped me in securing a job at KPMG, Gurgaon.”

  • Mohammed Waris

    “I was a third year student when I attended Konfinity’s workshop at Galgotias College. I thank Konfinity for shaping my career in such a significant manner and getting me placed in the third year of my college. Konfinity has surpassing mentors who have always guided me in the right direction and to follow the systematic problem solving techniques and apply my skills on real industrial challenges which helped me in getting placed at Classplus, Noida.”


Konfinity has innovated a new model of higher education in which the system invests in the students, instead of the other way around. Attending Konfinity can be completely free up-front (no deposit, no down-payment), and students pay back a portion of their income after they find a high-paying job.

If, for some reason, a student is unable to find a job with a salary above INR 15 Lakhs per year, they are not required to pay anything.