Why Learn Javascript

October 14,2020 - 5 min read
 Why Learn Javascript

The world of programming is bombarded with a plenty of computing languages. Beginners often feel confused and end up wasting a lot of time in deciding which language they should learn first.

One of the options available is Javascript. A majority of beginners go for Javascript as their first language. There are various reasons and points that are in favour of Javascript. We have compiled a blog which tells you why learn Javascript?

In this blog, we would explore Javascript as a computing language, its importance in the IT industry and some points that you should consider the next time you decide to learn a new programming language. We would touch upon the different nuances and concepts of the language and the frameworks available for this language. We begin the blog by understanding what is Javascript.

The Basics of Javascript.

Javascript was invented by Brenden Rich in 1965 as a scripting language which can be used to add dynamic content on a webpage.

Websites are no longer a collection of static web pages but it has now taken a dynamic form with advanced complex feature. Some of the functionalities that Javascript can add to a webpage are

  • Javascript as Frontend

    Initially Javascript was used as a frontend language to make websites interactive. Javascript is used in coordination with HTML and CSS. HTML (Hypertext mark-up language) is responsible for the basic content and structure of the website. HTML is a mark-up language that is used to build customized websites. The HTML language is made up of tags that are used to build the skeleton of websites. CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) tells the browser how the content should be displayed by determining things like colour, font, layout etc. CSS adds fonts, spacing and much more. It’s basically a simple design language for documents written in any mark-up language.

    HTML and CSS makes the website stylish and attractive but not interactive. Javascript does that task for you. Javascript adds the functional part in a website as it adds elements that the user can interacts with, such as drop-down menus, modal windows, and contact forms. Some of the interesting features that Javascript like animations, video players, and interactive maps

  • Javascript as Backend

    Javascript can also be used as a backend language, thanks to a Javascript framework called Nodejs. It is built on Chrome’s V8 engine and written in C++. Nodejs is basically a runtime environment that uses Javascript as its scripting language and runs on the V8 environment. Nodejs is cross platform as it is capable of running on various platforms like windows, LINUX, UNIX etc. It is used as a compiler and it executes the code at an impressive speed which leaves no chance for buffering or time lag. You can read more about Nodejs can be read here.

    Javascript and its frameworks and libraries are used in a number of stacks that are generally used in full stack development. MERN stack for example is a free and open source Javascript stack which can be used to build dynamic web applications. The MERN (MongoDb, Express, React, Nodejs) stack consists of a database, both server side and client-side framework. You can understand MERN stack in detail in this blog.

Why Learn Javascript?

In this section we would discuss why learn Javascript. There are a few points that we would touch upon like its use case, popularity, demand, learning curve etc.

Javascript: A Developer’s Toolkit

One of the major advantages of Javascript is that it acts as both client side and server-side language. As we understood above, Javascript as a front-end language works in sync with HTML and CSS to make the website more interactive, dynamic and attractive. On the other hand, Nodejs is a framework used with Javascript for Backend development. Javascript can also be used as a backend language.

Hence, Javascript is an excellent option for someone who plans to specializes in all aspects of web development be it front end, back end, or full stack development. Javascript almost becomes a compulsory option for web developers.

Javascript’s Easy Learning Curve

Javascript offers is one of the most beginner-friendly computing languages out there. It has a very easy learning curve which makes it easy for upcoming developers to gain confidence and master an important language early in their journey of web development. A huge Javascript community present across the globe like Stackoverflow is a major advantage that this language enjoys.

Javascript follows some of the basic concepts of programming which makes it easy for beginners to adapt to it. Learning Javascrirpt at an early stage of your journey as a developer makes for a strong programming foundation that is going to help a developer throughout the career. Javascript supports object-oriented, functional, and imperative styles of programming. You can learn more about Javascript objects and functions in this and this blog respectively.

Industry Trends

Javascript experts in demand and hence are also well-paid. On an average, Javascript developers earn an average yearly salary of $111,953 per year. A good knowledge of Javascript and sufficient experience can really boost your earning potential as a developer.

The reason behind a huge demand of Javascript developer is simple. Javascript is the most popular programming language in the world because of its varied use cases so it’s no wonder that Javascript is one of the most important computing languages in the web development industry today.

If you are a beginner, Javascript should be an easy choice. The reason is that while jobs for Javascript developers are growing day by day, the talent pool is not wide enough. According to this 2018 HackerRank report, there is a huge mismatch between the percentage of jobs for Javascript developers and the percentage of developers confident in Javascript. Hence, beginning with Javascript, gaining practical experience, sharpening skills and keeping yourself updated with the latest industry trends of Javascript would be a good option.

Other Factors to Consider

One thing about Javascript that sets apart is that it comes installed on almost every modern web browser. You do not need to set up any kind of development environment unlike in other computing languages. In Javascript, you can start coding and building applications right away. This is a major attraction that adds to the popularity of Javascript. Another plus point of learning Javascript as your first programming language is that you get instant feedback. Developers see visible results with a minimal amount of Javascript code. This is a major boost when as it acts an incentive to beginners to continue. When output is shown in less lines of code, it gives confidence to developers to continue learning the language.

What is Vanilla Javascript, Libraries and Frameworks?

Any blog on Javascript is incomplete without the mention of its huge plethora of libraries and frameworks that make the language as diverse and useful as it is. These libraries and frameworks contribute the most when it comes to the popularity of Javascript. We begin our journey of comprehending Javascript libraries and frameworks by understanding Vanilla Javascript.

Vanilla Javascript is used to refer to native, standards-based, non-extended Javascript, it basically refers to plain Javascript without any libraries or frameworks. Vanilla Javascript exists to emphasize the usage of plain Javascript without the use of additional libraries and frameworks. There is no dearth of popular Javascript libraries and frameworks and hence the term ‘Vanilla Javascript’ was coined in order to popularize the usage of Javascript without any extra libraries and frameworks.

Now that we know Vanilla Javascript, let’s understand the two terms that were used in its definition – libraries and framework

Libraries and frameworks are basically a set of prewritten, ready-to-use code. Framework is like a blueprint for building a website which gives you a basic structural foundation on which you can work and develop a full-fledged application. It contains ready-made components and tools that help you to achieve a task in a less verbose way. These components help you to build certain elements much quicker compared to conventional way of writing a code right from scratch. Libraries are contained in Frameworks and hence they are smaller in size than frameworks. They are generally utilized in more specific cases. The framework provides basic skeleton, while the library enables you to adorn the structure according to the functionality of the application. Libraries add in ready-made components rather than building your own from scratch.

Now that we have understood the basic definition and meaning of libraries and frameworks, our next step would be learning about Javascript libraries and frameworks.

One of the most popular Javascript library is React. React, developed by Jordan Walke, is used to build fast and interactive user interfaces for web and mobile applications. It is open source and hence developers can easily access the source code and modify it according to their application.

React is the ‘view’ part of a MVC (model view controller) model because it is responsible for what the application looks like. Components, one of the most useful features of React are the building blocks of any React application. Components divide the UI interface into independent and reusable bits of code which increases performance in terms of speed and reusability of code. React lets you easily build dynamic web applications in Javascript. There are a number of recent developments like the latest extension in React- React Native which can be used to cross compatible make mobile applications.

There are a number of other Javascript libraries and frameworks like Angular, Vue etc. But, React remains one of the most popular choice amongst developers across the globe.

With this we come to an end of our explanation of ‘Why Learn Javascript’. We have covered some of the basic concepts of Javascript, its importance, its position in the whole IT landscape and the latest industry trends.

The blog is a comprehensive explanation of why beginners should learn Javascript or why it one of the most preferred programming languages in the world of computing. However, if you feel that we missed on something important or if there was a term or a concept that you didn’t comprehend, please feel free to ask us questions. We would be more than happy to answer your questions and create a community of enthusiastic technocrats.

We hope you read the entire blog and got an answer to the question ‘Why Learn Javascript’. If you are convinced about learning Javascript then you should convert your resolution into a reality. In order to become a successful developer, theoretical knowledge is mandatory but never enough. Practical knowledge of Javascript that is adorned by hands-on projects is necessary to become grab the coveted profile of ‘Javascript Developer’ in your dream company. It’s time you get started!

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